Quote of the Day – March 14 2013

“Seek what you know as the highest. It does not matter whether it is going to happen or not ā€“ living with a vision itself is a very elevating process.” ~Sadhguru


What would you do for the sake of a dream?
What is your vision?
What is the difference between living with a dream and living without one?
Some of my favourite dreamers — Don Qixote, Emperor Norton, Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Florence Foster Jenkins, Nikola Tesla, the list goes on.
What is the highest vision you have?
In the best of all possible worlds, what does it look like?
What will bring you to your dream?


Wonderful Dreams Everyone
Blessings, G


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Cloud Gazing
Cloud Gazing by G A Rosenberg


Electric FlowerElectric Flower by G A Rosenberg

0 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – March 14 2013”

  1. 1, sleep 2. peace 3. lacking spirit or a soul 4. Virginia Woolf. Mary Shelley Wollstonecraft. Rainer Maria Rilke. St. Francis of Assisi. H.G. Wells & lots more.
    5. To see Paradise while I am still alive 6. It is filled with nature & all blends together & there is tranquility. all the animals I have ever loved. all the people I ever loved.
    6. That I will overcome the fear of true in depth intimacy & the world would miraculously live with their difference but their will be no strife from our differences. Love will magically reach into all hearts & people will experience this more than any feeling & treat all equally. That would include the animals of the world and nature.

    Your art work is very cosmic & the second very vitally alive and vibrating. jk šŸ˜Ž

    1. I was going to answer quickly about then finding a new dream and there is truth to that but for many of us that seems problematic….

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