Tarot Post – Six of Cups

Six of Cups (Pleasure / Happiness)


G`Six of Cups (Revised by G A Rosenberg


A beautiful moment

Memories that colour all

the future brightens


Natural Pleasures

Hold my hand and
Let me taste of your willingness
as we eagerly  explore inner and outer beings
The music starts
We take the first steps moving in rhythm to a dance
older than our souls,
a dance not performed with limbs
or tongue or organs but with our very beings,
Masculine and Feminine energies
combining within ourselves and each other
a love letter written from eternity
to that which always was.
– G A Rosenberg




The light reflects on the water
as our bodies reflect on each other
a coming together of elements
yearning for something new to come of it…
We may have met this way before
on this beach or another
in another time or existence
but every moment is NOW
and every beach this one
Fall into my body
as my spirit touches yours…..



Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions.Sixes represent balance and harmony. Mix balance and harmony with love and you end up with one of those magic moments. You know, the kind that you want to remember and take out and replay in your mind because you know it will help keep you going through the rough times. Love is and you are and the universe is right and good and nothing can take these moments away. Memories of them can heal you during the rough times. Knowing that they are possible can keep us going until the next one.


Astrological Correspondence – Sun in Scorpio – This energy involves powerful sensual feeling and transcendence, One of its symbols is the phoenix rising from its own ashes. The energy is passionate, sexual and consuming. Few things are as memorable as making passionate love with someone who has entered your heart. The Sun in Scorpio energy involves depth of experience and depth of learning and knowledge.

h4>I Ching Correspondence – 20) Kwan – Contemplating –

____ ____
____ ____
____ ____
____ ____

The Trigram of the Sun is over that of the Earth. It means both contemplative and being seen . The image is of a Vast Tower on a Mountain with a view of the countryside around It. From the Tower the ruler can be aware of both Heaven above and the people below and set an example for the people.
The time period that this hexagram is linked to is September-October where the dark is on the rise once more and the light subsides…
A couple of other images associated with this hexagram
The time in a ceremony in between when the ablution, ritual cleaning has been done, yet before the sacrifice has been made….(in a sexual context, the sexual act before climax (the rising and uniting of energies))
When the wind blows across the earth, the grass and trees etc, must give way before it…and it blows everywhere
When the owner or ruler pays a visit, everything is set in order to make the best impression possible.

When the Six of Cups turns up in a reading, it usually signifies an unusually happy time. The happiness of this period usually stems from a feeling of loving and being loved. This may have to do with past memories being rekindled tho it can also be a time for making new lasting memories depending on where the card falls in the reading and the other cards involved. This is a time that will be remembered for its feeling of peace and balance no matter how long it may last.


When the Six of Cups is reversed in a reading, it is possible that for various possible reasons, tho it is a happy period in our lives, we are unable to see it. It can refer to someone who is so focused on the future, that they forget to enjoy the present moment. The reversed Six of Cups may also refer to unpleasant associations from the past

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  2. At this particular moment in my life the 6 of Cups and your definition of this card resounds mightily. I thank you for your continuing sensitive and deep searching…

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