Quote of the Day – March 24 2013

“Do you have any advice for your readers?”

“Lead the life that’s yours instead of faking someone else’s.”
― Sandy Nathan


That’s some amazing advice from Sandy Nathan.  For so many years I felt insecure about being myself around people. I would find role models, usually peers and model myself after them in how I spoke and my general demeanour. I had the hardest time understanding why every couple of months while I was doing that I would have an almost total break down and descent into a pretty black mood. My authentic self was rattling at the door of the cage I had put it in trying to break free. I had some amazing adventures along the way and each time as I would loose another adapted persona, more and more of who I really am emerged.
No one can hide from themselves and the world forever. We can try to pretend to be someone else (a teacher, a performer we admire, a religious leader).  We can even try to become one of the many identity tags we take on (lawyer, doctor, catholic, jew, gay, female) and be an exemplary cliche of how we believe that someone with that identity should act. If it is not authentic, it will fall apart in time. That’s ok, whenever that happens, our real selves get closer. After all, its not only someone else’s life that we can’t get away with faking, it is our own as well.
Blessings, G




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PresencePresence by G A Rosenberg


Tiger SketchTiger Sketch by G A Rosenberg

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  1. WoW! The tiger scetch is off the Richter scale. Do you ever sell your work? Let me know because I would like to buy the drawing.
    I like what you said about aithenticity.

    1. Sorry its taken me so long to respond Genie… Yes I do sell signed prints of my work… both signed (you can contact me by email gary.rambled@gmail.com for my paypal information and for how to send me your address and pricing… and unsigned through Deviant Art. Let me know if you prefer this and I will put the Tiger Print up on that site for sale…
      I am glad you like it

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