Show Them The Sky

“If anyone shows us the ceiling, We’ll show them sky”
— Steve Roggenbuck


Many people are all to happy to not only post their limits but show us ours as well. “If you want to get along in this world you must always act in a friendly fashion.” “Don’t bit off more than you can chew.” We end up with the best of intentions discouraging our own dreams before others can do it for us. They do it with the best of intentions. They don’t want to see us disappointed if we do not succeed in our dreams. Stay realistic we are told, dream big but not too big. Why? I would rather be hurt reaching for a dream and failing than ever limiting myself by not trying at all. Go outside look at the sky. Do you see a limit on how high you can reach? We are supposed to be limitless beings and we are. It is only when we accept ceilings that we get stuck. Don’t look at ceilings, look at the sky.
When you reach for your dreams, know what happens? You just may rise higher than you dreamed and if you fall so what? Your new floor (starting place) will be the high side of their ceilings.
Blessings, G


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StarburstStarburst by G A Rosenberg


Dragon's BreathDragon’s Breath by G A Rosenberg

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    1. If you get a chance, check out videos on youtubeby a young internet poet named Steve Roggenbuck, he is wonderfully nuts and talented and says thing that make me feel better about being alive and yes being alive at the same time :).

      Hearing the idea about ceilings and sky at the end of one of his videos sparked off these thoughts.

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