Emotional Waters

“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”
― Alan Wilson Watts


When too much is going on in my head, doing more or finding more to think about rarely helps. I have to sit with what’s there and let it gradually either fade or sink to the bottom. When I’m feeling frustration or impatience, I don’t find it helpful to dwell on the source of these emotions. That just adds fuel to the fire.  It also doesn’t help to tell myself that I shouldn’t feel what I’m feeling. That adds guilt to the list. If I sit with whatever the emotion is, letting myself feel it, even watching myself feel it as much as possible and I find it start to dissipate. It feels quite a bit like muddy water looks when it settles, a clearing thats gradual at first and then picks up speed until only a few traces of the cloudiness remain. After the emotion has gone, I can look at causes and reasons and perhaps come to a dispassionate understanding. At the very least I can do it from a perspective of peace and calm.
Blessings, G


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Time-ZoneTIme-Zoned by G A Rosenberg


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  1. I believe that the human brain needs to meditate and will whether we try to or not, letting it happen is much like leaving that muddy water alone.

    1. Very true and comforting to think of on these days when i find myself running against the clock..
      Still I’m reminded of the zen master who when asked for advice from a harried man said that he should meditate for 20 minutes a day. When the man said that he did not have 20 minutes, the zen master said “then mediate for an hour”

      Thanks Lori

      1. I see the humor here : ) but if to put it seriously 20 minutes or even an hour can’t be enough to “saturate” oneself. Emotional hunger leads to exhaustion (like battery discharged) or even lethal final.

        1. i am talking more about feeling our way through our emotions with awareness more than i am talking about starving them.. Starving them is repression which you are right can lead to some pretty devastating consequences…

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