No Surrender

“What is the significance of the statement ‘No one can get enlightenment’? This is the very root of the teaching. It means that it’s stupid for any so-called master to ask anyone to do anything to achieve or get enlightenment. The core of this simple statement means, according to my concept, that enlightenment is the annihilation of the “one” who “wants” enlightenment. If there is enlightenment – which can only happen because it is the will of God – then it means the “one” who had earlier wanted enlightenment has been annihilated. So no “one” can achieve enlightenment and therefore no “one” can enjoy enlightenment.”
“The joke is even the surrendering is not in your control. Why? Because so long as there is an individual who says “I surrender” there is a surrenderer, an individual ego… What I’m saying is that even the surrendering is not in [your] hands.”
–Ramesh Balsekar


Is true surrender then surrender of the universe to itself? It may be something akin to Odin sacrificing himself to himself on the world tree to gain understanding. I love the concepts inherent in the Advaita (Non-Duality) school of Hinduism. I have found that contemplating all of reality as one perfect whole has lifted veils for me. Too often when we talk, words get in the way of our understanding so taking it outside of words helps.
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