The Essence of Caring

“The best storytellers are irredeemably mad, driven by a desire to express something that will actually make the world give a damn. As if the world cared! Such perversity lies beyond the understanding of most of us – of those not so enamoured with the creation of stories that there can be no thought of doing anything else.”

– Billy Marshall Stoneking


In a world where the key word so often seems to be apathy, what do you care about? Do you care about tragedies that touch your life peripherally? Does it  matter more that three people died in the city where you live or that 20 children were killed with money from your government? Do you care about how a particular tragedy went down or do you care about what in society is causing these tragedies in the first place? What is the story that is taking place? What are its themes? Are you stuck in details and missing essence? It’s so easy to get blindsided by fear or outrage especially when the media promotes these emotions. Listening to all sides arguing I hear a lot of what used to be called FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). The fact remains people were killed and many were injured. Other people acted heroically according to the best of their natures.
We may never know what caused it yet it is strange, we live in a world where there are probably less acts of violence per year than at almost any other time. There is correspondingly more publicity and a lot more fear mongering when it happens. What in modern society seems to be encouraging people to think that the best way to make a statement is through violent means. There are specific questions in any given situation that most people will never hear the answer to.  There are more important general questions about the real causes that desperately call out for asking.
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  1. America was built on violence, for years violence has been the loudest & best way to get attention. Not only that, its the quickest way. As sad as it is , violence has become the answer and kindness is weakness.

    1. “Kindness is weakness” Yes the way too many see it… tho ultimately kindness (which begins with what people find nearly impossible kindness to themselves) is about the only sign of true strength

  2. The humanity should be inspired for creation but not for FUD, as you’ve mentioned. It’s the certain policy I suspect. I am inclined to think that even simple manifestation of violence or the like in prime news or in the wide range of debates can cause (caused already) far going (daily) consequenses. I call it “Dostoyevsky syndrome”. And Churchill also said a lot about it.

    1. Yes… and there is never any surcease from people wanting to share bad news….
      Why more and more often I try to find the good stuff to share.. The ones who helped… the runners who ran to donate blood. The people who show up and to be one of those people

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