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Nine of Pentacles (Gain)


Nine of PentaclesNine of Pentacles (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Residing in peace
Fulfillment well becomes you
On to the next thing


Once all your needs are fulfilled where will you go?
What new roads may you find in your garden?
New seeds sown and new thoughts planted
new paths sought
yet still the old beauty remains
Who else could have achieved this perfection?
Who else now to enjoy what you’ve earned?
Your hard work and  careful planning
inner beauty directed
and now the enjoyment begins.


The suit of Pentacles refers to the element of Earth and of practical matters such as money and partnerships both of a business nature and of the home. They can also represent nature, the Earth itself as well as our bodies. The Nines represent a coming to completion of the energy involved if not the completion itself. The Nine of Pentacles shows us a time when we have achieved our material goals through a combination of discipline, hard work and harmonizing with our environment. We can now enjoy the products of our labour at our leisure. We can also share with others this bounty and enjoy their appreciation. However there is only so long that we can sit and reflect on what we have done. Old achievements may pale without new challenges to guide us onward and we may need to go beyond the world of the senses to find this challenge. All of this we contemplate while walking in the beautiful garden of our success.


Astrological Correspondence – Venus in Virgo – This energy is attentive in all ways large and small. Venus in Virgo is always willing to help in practical matters. It is not overly emotive but it loves beauty and harmony and order. Venus in Virgo tends away towards spontaneity, believing that steadfastness is a more important virtue. It does not need a partner to achieve success, balance or harmony. Through attention to detail, it knows how to do the little things that matters to another so much and will often seem to be several jumps ahead in any relationship it finds itself in.


I Ching Correspondence – 51) Jian – Gradual Development –

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The trigram of Wood is over that of the Mountain. This hexagram talks about a gradual growth and development until fullness is reached. Everything comes in its time and once it is reached then it can be truly enjoyed (appreciated in its fullness). If things are still for too long then stagnation can occur but as long as a steady progress continues then there is benefit. There is much in this hexagram that speaks of enjoying everything in its proper order and sequence including the end result.


The Nine of Pentacles in a reading may show that material success and enjoyment of this success is now a possibility in our lives. Through self-discipline and attention to detail we can now achieve our goals. This card may also mean that a project we have been working on is close to completion. The Nine of Pentacles in the past may refer to someone who ‘has it all’ but is not satisfied in their lives. They may need to seek something of a more spiritual nature to fulfill them.


When the Nine of Pentacles turns up reversed in a reading we may have reached a time when despite our best efforts, our work is not paying off. It can also refer to difficulty with learning to discipline ourselves and developing focus. This may be as a result of lack of confidence in ourself. Another meaning of the Nine of Pentacles reversed is that we have come to value spontaneity over careful planning and attention to detail.

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