Lion Truth

“The truth is like a lion, You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.”
— St. Augustine

If something is the truth, then no matter how people try to pervert it, it ultimately wins out. Every time I have tried to convince myself that I could live a lie, I would end up either sabotaging my experience or the falsehoods I was living would keep hitting me in the back of the head until I had to act on it. This has proven to be the case whether it was a relationship I knew I shouldn’t be in, a job I shouldn’t have taken or a life choice that I knew entering into it would not work out. Eventually in each of those situations (most of which I’ve done more than once but then I tend to have a stubborn streak) I finally had to move on because things had collapsed underneath me.

If this is true of my inner (small t truth) then it is definitely true for the Big T Truths. Say you come across a statement of belief. Try and falsify it and measure it against its opposite and let the two vigorously engage with each other. Eventually it will become clear that either the original statement was true on an objective level, the opposite was or in some ways they were both true even if that leads to paradox. Most large T truths tend to do that

Blessings, G

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    1. I dunno , i think i have the deal from that old song lyric with myself “i’d rather I hurt myself honestly than deceive me with a lie”

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