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Queen of Wands (Water of Fire)


Queen of WandsQueen of Wands (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Passionate Goddess
whose strength eases troubled souls
take me to new heights


I stand here guarding her heart
the heat almost more than I can stand
She contains the universe
and I hungrily await her command.


She is the fire that brings warmth
Creative urges ignite by her glance
Yet her eyes fall on others never me
Loyally I hold my stance


Still I dream of what could be
Our passions burning in the long night
My soul inspired by her touch
Her heat my being does ignite


My vision will remain just that
A goddess cares not for one knight’s passion
I stand her guarding her being
My fantasies left ashen..

  — G A Rosenberg  “Volcano Queen’s Knight”


Note: Tho I may use the words she and he when speaking of the court cards, a Queen can often refer to a man as a King or Prince a woman.
The suite of Wands deal with force-creative, spiritual, and vital and are associated with the element of Fire. Queens are the receptive and nurturing form of the energy. The Queen of Wands is a creative and enticing muse. She can adapt to almost anything and has an appreciation for life lived to its fullest. She is generous and kind tho she is very used to having her own way through sheer presence. When she is opposed she can become quite vicious especially once she has a chance to brood on it. She is great in crisis situations due to her unflappability and take charge attitude.


Astrological Correspondence: 21° Pisces – 20° Aries Elemental: Water of Fire
The influence of the third decan of Pisces gives the Queen of Wands a visionary quality and the drive to be recognized tho a bit of cognitive dissonance between the world imagined and the world lived in.
The influence of the first two decans of Aries gives the drive to constantly push forward and be in the forefront. The Queen of Wands also gets the quality of attraction from this influence and a relentlessness for the world around her to acquiesce to her vision of it and a combination of dismissal and depression when it does not.
Like the combination of Water and Fire, that she is, the Queen of Wands may be a study in contrasts, generous and impatient, lively but with the tendency towards brooding and depression, good-humoured except when crossed.


I Ching Correspondence – 17) Sui – Following –

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The trigram of the Lake is over that of Thunder. This hexagram talks about learning to lead by following and persevering in what is right. By serving others (including our own impulses) we learn to pay attention to what is essential. This same attention to detail and steadfastness will help us achieve our goals which will result in others wishing to follow our success in order to achieve their own. Also by impressing others with the qualities we bring in our service to them, we inspire them to follow to learn how to develop these inner qualities in themselves. Sometimes when one has achieved success the only challenge that remains is inspiring others how to do the same.


When the Queen of Wands shows up in a reading, it possibly refers to someone who is willing to nurture us in our artistic and generative capacities. This may refer to someone who will either inspire us or give us good advice. It may refer to a time in our life when we are more inspiring than we are steadfast or loyal and our patience may possibly be tested by those around us. It may refer to a time of crisis in which we are keeping our heads and helping others or we have someone around willing to take charge for us


The Queen of Wands reversed in a reading may be speaking about someone who has been unfaithful to us. It can also refer to a time in our lives when we have had way too much put upon us and while normally good in a crisis, we are losing it out of frustration. This may refer not to ourselves but to someone in our environment. This card may also refer to someone who is possessive and controlling, vindictive and / or unable to trust.

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