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Queen of Pentacles (Water of Earth)


Queen of PentaclesQueen of Pentacles by G A Rosenberg


Lady of the maize
Everything is born from you
Centred Creation


Mother’s love nourishes the seed
and feed us so we can thrive
She provides our needs
and dreams of better lives


Joy in life she teaches
she guides us in the dance
We her children know of love
we’ve seen in it in her glance


Her heart provides her knowledge
More than book or class ever could
Her dreams have taught her what she needs
to guide us through her woods


Lift your cup and toast her well
our mother of the Earth
She has seen and loved it all
and has shown us its worth.



The suit of Pentacles refers to the element of Earth and of practical matters such as money and partnerships both of a business nature and of the home. They can also represent nature, the Earth itself as well as our bodies. Queens are the receptive and nurturing form of the energy.The Queen of Pentacles cares and nurtures life and has a strong maternal nature. She is sensual and lush, intuitive and instinctive and has a strong connection with the Earth and is best when surrounded by nature. She loves to provide sustenance for others and is usually known for her cooking skills. She tends not to be intellectual or well-read but she has never found that a lack as she knows what she needs to know when she needs it. The Queen of Pentacles tends to be reflective, ever bringing the internal outward to best take care of the life around her.


Astrological Correspondence – Astrological Correspondence: 21° Sagittarius – 20° Capricorn Elemental: Water of Earth- The energy here becomes a mix of Sagittarius intuition and creativity with Capricorn’s warmth, power and stoicism. The people represented by this energy are loyal and dependable and give everything they can to provide for others. Their advice tends to be more of a practical rather than an intellectual nature.They may become depleted at times especially when they are out of their natural element or when their bounty is taken for granted with no appreciation returned. When their gifts are acknowledged and appreciated they become a constant cornucopia of sustenance and support.


I Ching Correspondence – 31) Hsien – Influence / Wooing –

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The Trigram of the Lake is over that of the Mountain. The water of the lake is quieted and serene by the influence of the mountain. In turn, the moisture of the lake sustains the mountain causing life to spread and expand. It is a constant meditative mutual seduction. This hexagram speaks of having a calm still nature within and a joyous happy exterior. It cautions us to hold onto our still centre when we deal with others and not let any influence slip by which seeks to alter our own true selves. It may not be the fault of the person influencing as they may be acting according to their will or being but the combination may not be a good one.


Quite often when the Queen of Pentacles turns up in a reading, she represents someone who has cared and provided for us in ways that we were not able to do for ourselves. She has a loving caring nature and a strong creative element and is very helpful. This care is freely given. She may also be very sensual and somewhat indulgent with a wonderful sense of humour. It may also represent a time when we are providing for others and are enjoying and appreciating our ability to be of use. The card may be telling us that things are going well in our lives and that we have few wants and to recognize the nurturing of others that have brought us here. This card upright almost always represents a time of enjoyment and well-being.


The Reversed Queen of Pentacles may refer to someone who feels that they are out of their element and are not sure how to proceed. They lack confidence in the given situation and may need to be reminded of what their strengths are and how to utilize them in the situation. This card may also refer to us feeling this way and be suggesting that we connect more with our true selves to see whether this is indeed the right situation for us to be in. It may represent a time when we need to get into nature to ground ourselves. The card may also refer to a time when we have been spending so much time caring for others that we have neglected our own health and or home environment

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