We Are All Magical Stars

“The faerie represent the beauty we don’t see, or even choose to ignore. That’s why I’ll paint them in junkyards, or fluttering around a sleeping wino. No place or person is immune to spirit. Look hard enough, and everything has a story. Everybody is important.”

― Charles de Lint


“Every Man and Every Woman is a Star”

— Aleister Crowley


Touched at sunrise
your hand in mine
as we gaze at new day’s promise
reflected in water.
At noon, the homeless man
helps a young woman
carry a burden.
The burden shared
along with something sacred.
In the evening
Shooting stars
Everyone looks up
the driver stays aware enough
so the puppy can cross the street safely
At night we make love
another piece of magic
that completes the day as it began..

— G A Rosenberg


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Alien DreamsAlien Dreams by G A Rosenberg


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