“Yo can always take back the lost parts of yourself if you can find and recognize them.”
― Jonathan Carroll


If on some level,we embody the all or perhaps its more accurate to say the all embodies us then can anything truly be lost. We can spin the qualities and realities we have never laid claim to out of the void, find even the lost possibilities and claim them as our own. Thus we have the infinite. Everything that we ever were and could be again if we wished it and everything we have yet to be for a sum total of infinite potential. Yet most of the time we embody our self-defined limits, carefully defining our storied selves, even if the stories are painful ones. I have found this to be such a waste. What part of myself would I regain that I let slip away. Innocence has ever been the price for experience and yet innocence can be regained perhaps by opening ourselves to possibility.
Blessings, G


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Forming a New MatrixForming a New Matrix by G A Rosenberg


Star ShiningField Expansion Mandala by G A Rosenberg

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  1. Hi! Opening to new possibilities… It would be interesting to find innocence in the unknown. I am trying to do something new. Letting go of fear. Someone told me they were letting go of fear. Is it possible? It is something I have felt most of my life. Maybe it’s lessoning now. When all things have happened to you short of getting a bullet shot into one’s body, is there any innocence left? Does fear come with something new? I am trying to find a way to let go. If I succeed I will let you know. Sometime this week I am going to go through your art and your wisdom. It has been a crazy ride and now I am beginning a new one. Time is an element I am trying to discover. Be back soon. Jk B| +

    1. It is possible to let go of our fear I believe, sometimes only after accepting it rather than trying to push it away

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