Abundance, Appreciation & Gratitude


“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”
― Anthony Robbins


In the past when I’ve heard the word abundance, I thought of it as being an embarrassment of riches. As much money as I might want to have, as much great tasting healthy food as I might want to eat and all my needs taken care of. In that I was at least half right. It does mean having as much as is needed or wanted yet its amazing how much the scale slides down. If I can learn to appreciate and savour a walk in the evenings with my dogs or a conversation with either an old friend or someone new and interesting than the definition of an abundant amount of entertainment changes quite quickly. If I stay active and put effort into enjoying my life (even the less than fun parts) then I am less likely to look to food to fill my time or elevate my mood and so the amount of food needed to have abundance changes. If I am grateful for everything that comes my way in life then the chances of me slowing down long enough to experience it increases and I realize that with relatively little, I can be abundantly satisfied
Blessings, G


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