Best of 2013 (Or at least my favourites) Part I


“It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures.”
― Ally Condie


There’s something about the movement of numbers. We stare at clocks, at elevator floors, at odometers and at the calendar marking the passage of time and distance. As I’ve spoken of before, these things tend to be relative. A mile on a beautiful scenic mountain road seems to go past much faster than the three hundredth mile along a flat farm road with the eightieth identical barn. The joyful moments pass quickly while ones spent waiting seem to move exceptionally slower. Thus subjectivity can be a double edged sword at best. Still every so often when a milestone is passed I like to reflect a bit on what has passed, perhaps savouring the last flavour from the cup or perhaps to see if what seemed sublime at the time still feels as sweet.
2013 was a year that seemed to spin its wheels for me a bit. I got to meet many great people both online and off. I found several new areas in which to study. Everything remained pleasant yet I found that I didn’t move as far forward on projects as I would have liked to. Well we’ll see what 2014 has to bring. It looks as if it will be fascinating and as always fun.
Tonight and perhaps tomorrow as well, I will be posting some of my favourite pictures (and perhaps a poem or two) that I created in this past year.
Blessings, G


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The DancerThe Dancer by G A Rosenberg


Machine in the GhostMachine in the Ghost by G A Rosenberg

Cave of Lost LoveCave of Lost Love by G A Rosenberg


The LoversThe Lovers (Trump VI) by G A Rosenberg

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