Weaving Communication


“The best teacher is experience and not through someone’s distorted point of view”
― Jack Kerouac


Each moment is an experience. We interact with others or with just ourselves and the potential for learning or hitting that sweet spot of connection with the all is ever present. It’s true that there are distortions in any medium. We talk about ourselves with fading memory with viewpoints half formed and inexact forms of communication. The surprise lies not in the fact that we misunderstand what we hear but that communication happens at all. Yet it does which to me means on some level we must want to communicate. We want to share our lives as clearly as possible and we want to feel the sharing of others. Yet when that sharing is inauthentic we know it.
One of the things I pray for is the ability to be as clear and open as it is possible for me to be in my writing, speech and perception. In that way, each person’s experience becomes part of my tapestry and I can share in theirs.
Blessings, G


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Storm Queen (Inverse)Storm Queen by G A Rosenberg


Energy WellEnergy Well by G A Rosenberg

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