Surrealistic Symbol Play

“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”
― Salvador Dalí


I deal in symbols and meanings both my own and that of others. For symbols are the truest language from which all others derive. We look at the world and filter what we see through symbols both universal and uniquely our own. When we play with symbols, mixing and matching them, we create waking dreams in which we can gain new understanding and thus stretch our understanding of ourselves and the universe. We create possibilities and relationships that did not exist before, opening new pathways in our psyche.
Blessings, G


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Desert TripDesert Trip by G A Rosenberg


Questioning the Fish in the Golden CorridorQuestioning the Fish in the Golden Corridor by G A Rosenberg

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  1. Every now and then you fall out of my “followers” list. I do not know why that happens, but I gladly add you in again whenever I notice that I have not seen your postings for a few days.

    1. I have a few times… Every so often I get tempted to play with Flash. Mainly minor efforts. I made a few gallery videos where I used the Ken Burns effect to pan in and around my pictures but I have yet to develop the skills to really do it justice

      1. Regarding animation:

        Check this out:

        Not exactly the same technology perhaps but you might be able to adapt it.

        Regarding you and others falling out of followers list:

        I read your posts a lot on the iPad. It is possible that my large hands and long fingers graze something that makes you and others disappear from my followers list. I dunno. However, if i do not see a posting from you for more than 3 days I always go looking for you, bro!

        Regarding T-shirts:

        T-shirts might be a good idea. Wearable art is rather fashionable these days, and lots of peeps have t-shirt collections. My big question is: do I order a t-shirt with one of your many already existing wonderful artworks, or do I commission you to make a new one from a photo that I send you?

        1. I am open to either suggestions. My art tends to be pretty free flowing where with the exception of the tarot work and a few others, I let what I see as the picture develops determine what it is.
          Once I was asked by a friend to do an energy work picture of him and he was happy with the results so I’d be open to trying that for sure. =) Let me know… I think i may open a t-shirt store this week for sure

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