A Generational Thing


“Every Choice eventually leads to wisdom”
— Dan Millman


One of the most difficult aspects about having teenage kids is the knowledge that they are at a point in their lives where their choices are their own and not all of them will be the ones that we would chose. At a certain point the training wheels are off and while we can help to guide, we can no longer direct. Sometimes knowing when our roles change can be difficult.
With my son I try to look back at my own teenage years. I did some amazingly screwed-up things and yet here I am. Each mistake brought me a bit closer to where I am today and gave me a bit more self-knowledge and understanding. . Some of them I had to repeat multiple times yet I like the life I have now so somehow all the ways that I learned to do it wrong have brought me to a place where I get it a bit more right everyday. I hope my son’s life will flow smoother than mine did at times and when it does I’ll celebrate and when it doesn’t I’ll be present. Our presence, our compassion and our love are the best gifts we can give to our kids. In this, I learned from the best.
Blessings, G


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    1. Thank you I do the best… These days I feel it is only in later years when we have relationships with our kids as adults that we can get a true feel for how we did…

  1. I have two sons, 23 and 29 so understand there is nothing you can do except be your true self…they know and will honour your honesty and absorb you into their life as a river absorbs the banks that guide it and the leaves and branches that fall into it…

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