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“No matter what choices we make in life, we still carry our beginnings with us. Perhaps its in something as simple as our choice of breakfast or how we wash our hands. But if we choose to be truly free than we ignore the influence of our beginnings at our own peril.”
— Randall Wolfe


I have been stumbling across a certain meme a lot lately. I have even used variations of it myself. It says something along the lines that we are not composed of where we came from but of choices we have made along the way. Now I do believe that our choices contribute a lot to who we are but do we choose freely? Are our choices dictated at least partly by the environment we grew up in and the way we watched our parents do things? Perhaps we have chosen to reject everything about our homes as many who have come from far less than ideal environments have. Does our rejection of our past mean that we choose our futures free of their influence or does choosing the opposite of something in rejection still mean that we are influenced by it? Are we perhaps programmed by our childhood influences in ways that we might not even realize?
It is only when we look deeply at our pasts and its programming that we can make conscious choices and know that we are choosing not out of blind acceptance or rejection but out of the people who we truly are. Even then our past influences can turn around and bite us when we least realize it. But then perhaps on a deeper level we made the choice of where when and to whom we were born in the first place. It is food for thought for sure.
Blessings, G


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  1. “YES!” to all of your questions and comments. Life, art and the various conditions all require constant choices. Even not choosing an action or a certain train of thought/perspective is in itself “a choice”. Perhaps the most vital is not so much identifying all choices and conscious/unconscious decisions but rather seeing the continuum in a Zen-like perspective and being mindful of new possibilities that may constantly present themselves and become created — in spite of genes, pre-conditions, family, and previous/current choices and their consequences. We are — ALL — manifestations of Creation; and thus we are all manifestations of God at all moments in Time and Space.

    Blessed be.

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