Changing Symbols


The Magician will always be looking for opportunities to create his own magickal system of the world. He will always be looking for ideas and the simplest of elements, to be found anywhere, from which there will emerge a picture of reality, his reality. The creative energies of spider-magi, who are true practicioners of this art of this art of cosmic creation, are collected from here and there and fused together into a very wonderful picture of being. This is the basis of magick — your imagination is making the world to be as it is in itself.

– Michael Bertiaux, “Voudon Gnostic Workbook”


If we create our realities than what do we create them from? What are the symbols we use to represent the elements of which they are comprised? Do we choose them? Do they choose us or is it some combination plus hidden keys that are part of a deeper reality that we all share? By manipulating these symbols, weaving them into new patterns we can alter our lives. The most common symbols most of us use our words. Think how much our language affects our day to day lives. It can be overwhelming. Simple changes such as what we say and what we wear can make huge ripples in both how and what we perceive and how we are perceived by others. Changing our personal symbols such as the animals we relate to or the deities we pray to or invoke can cause even greater changes. The more we learn to manipulate our symbols, the greater control we have over our reality and the more we become conscious (rather than unconscious) magicians.
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