‘Normal’ People


“The normal is that which nobody quite is. If you listen to seemingly dull people very closely, you’ll see that they’re all mad in different and interesting ways, and are merely struggling to hide it.”
― Robert Anton Wilson


I know an accountant who can and will tell you statistics about stamps from 96 different countries with the occasional odd fact about the number of people who were poisoned through the licking of stamps. I also know a prim and proper secretary who bowls every tuesday night who has a hope chest filled with a collection of whips and manacles of various kinds. There is a banker who believes he is the second coming of jesus and who likes to wear woman’s underwear every day underneath his three piece suit. There is a woman who goes home every night, feeds her three cats and then watches tv. She takes good care of her cats because she loves them and believes that they give her lottery numbers that will one day win. Normal is a flexible term at best and it is what no one is. We are all deviants. Some of us have learned to admit it freely and others, poor souls nurse their strangeness in secret yearning for the right person to share it with. We are all becoming and the universe is a stranger more delightful place than many of us will ever know.
Blessings, G

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