Forging Ahead


“It is not we who seek the Way, but the Way which seeks us. That is why you are faithful to it, even while you stand waiting, so long as you are prepared, and act the moment you are confronted by its demands.”

~ Dag Hammarskjöld


Along our paths, we all hit some bumps. Things happen in our life or our attitudes that make it difficult to continue forward. Perhaps we have become disenchanted with the school of thought we’ve been following. Perhaps we have been going through relationship ups and downs either with lovers or with friends. When that happens it is easy to give into despair or inertia. Instead tho, I have always believed that it is important to do the next thing. It’s ok if the road ahead isn’t clear, all we need to see is the next thing that needs doing and doing that. Eventually things will clarify and we will make that turn in our path and see the next section. Until then we just need to keep forging ahead.
Blessings, G


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Hephestus, Lord of the ForgeHephaestus, Lord of the Forge by G A Rosenberg


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