Memory or Dream


“Memory and dream are intermixed in this mad universe.”
— Jack Kerouac


I remember
a time when we walked in the moonlight
and talked to the trees and drank in
each other’s eyes
I remember
a mystical connection that none could sever
I remember nights of nothing but love
and mornings when the loving would continue
No, wait that was all a dream.
I dreamed
of bitterness and suspicion
of fights that started for no reason at all
and frustration underlined each word
I dreamed
that each word led to further misunderstanding
and kids used as weapons
in an endless tug of war.
No wait, those are memories
Yet tonight I dreamed of your visit
and the wish to be together again
We talked the way I wished once we could
and our souls connected.
I remember waking next to you
and I reach out with a smile
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Mountain EntranceMountain Entrance by G A Rosenberg


Totemic ApeTotemic Ape (Ape of Thoth) by G A Rosenberg


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