The Heart of Another


“The heart of another is indeed a dark forest, and, however much I let my imagination work over these fragments of [their] life, I find it hard to imagine…what was going on in [their] mind.”
— Richard Aldington


I listen to the voices in my head
and try to create their beings
from the echoes.
From a story about his past in the war
I try to grasp at his favourite colour
or how he unwinds at the end of the day.
From her tale of lost love
I try to picture her smile
or what she wears to bed.
Each one comes to me in turn
and asks me to create their being
from hints and tales
yet how can I express their being
when I barely know yours
whom I sleep with nightly?
I can only make guesses
and so sketch their beings
on brightly coloured backgrounds
and hope that is enough.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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