A Thousand Dreams


“A thousand Dreams within me softly burn:
From time to time my heart is like some oak
Whose blood runs golden where a branch is torn.”
— Arthur Rimbaud


Sometimes dreams whisper. They sneak in as memories or relatively normal conversations and then take strange turns. Sometimes they pop into my head fully formed as I get a glimpse of possible futures that I immediately want to make happen. Some become nightmares both in terms of fears that they bring out and in terms of events that happen subsequent to them. Nightmares can whisper also tho as little insecurities and doubts that echo and keep on repeating until I accept that they are there and let them pass through. The best dreams for me tho are the contagious ones where the more they are shared, the more people start dreaming and acting on those dreams. They are melodies that long for a chorus. Dreams of freedom and dreams of self-direction that fill me with hope. Of course there are silly dreams as well where someone hands me a spaghetti pizza or boiled eggs but I leave those to others to interpret.
Blessings, G


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Strange SushiStrange Sushi by G A Rosenberg


Fate's KeepFate’s Keep by G A Rosenberg


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