Playing Chess Fellini’s Way – A Consciousness Stream


“Today, however, we are having a hard time living because we are so bent on outwitting death.”
– Simone de Beauvoir


I asked a friend to give me a quote to blog about and she replied with the Simone de Beavoir one above. It brings to mind both Emily Dickinson and Fellini’s chess playing grim reaper. Playing a final game to give us a bit more time in our form. Yet isn’t that an analogy for life from beginning to end for some. Yet quality is more important than quantity and I would rather live well than live long if given a choice tho ultimately both would be my preference. Castaneda talks about using death as an advisor–holding on to the awareness that one day we will die adds significance to each action and reaction we have. If we do everything as if it was the last time we had the chance to do it, then we will live richer much more intense lives tho it would play havoc on long term planning. I spent most of my twenties and thirties doubting that I would live much beyond forty and now I am more than ten years past that. I have discovered much to live for and now would just as soon stick around longer. Yet still Death sits and moves his pieces around the board and I follow suit. One day I will topple my King in acknowledgement and the act will be over and the stage cleared. Until then there are songs to be sung, sunrises to be enjoyed and good friends to enjoy them with.
Blessings, G


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