Healing Emotional Storm


“Whenever you feel a negative emotion be alone in a room and just sit down with it and feel. Don’t judge it, criticize it, intellectualize it, explain it away. Allow yourself to feel the pain. It’s okay.”
— Bo Sanchez


I feel hurt, angry, tired, sick at what I see. I won’t deny my anger anymore. I don’t need to act it out especially not at those who didn’t cause it in the first place but I acknowledge it. To deny my feelings or contain them is the cruelest form of self-betrayal.
I cry with sorrow and cry with rage and let myself run the gamete of emotions from A to Z. The feelings will crash over me of hurt and loss until they have run their course.
It is an emotional storm yet it is also a healing one. When it has run through and the skies clear again, I will be as well.
Blessings, G


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