If I told You Than…


“One of the things that has always rankled me is human secrecy. So long as this body of knowledge remains locked up in one or more human being’s brains, it runs the risk of being lost to mankind forever, ”
— Israel Regardie


When I was being trained as a salesman I was taught that people valued only what they paid for. If something was seen as less expensive, it was seen as inferior to something that cost more. Even if the thing that cost more was seen as less attractive than the cheaper item or was less well made. We confuse cost and value all too easily.
For those seeking spiritual truth it can be much the same way. Anyone can learn yoga, meditation and magick yet going through a school that spoon feeds the knowledge is oft seen as preferable. The more cost, history and secrecy is put on the lessons the more people feel that it is the real deal. Even if it rings less true than one’s own inner knowledge. It is as the old Siamese King said, “a puzzlement”
Blessings, G


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