Cut-Up Perceptions of Reality


“I will be your poet, I will be more to you than to any of the rest.”
— Walt Whitman


The light showed me a secret banquet. The great volcanic furnace travels silently from star to distant star. This method of training has nothing at all to do with religious upheaval
Passion I see is catching. Idealizing the world is a harmful paradox. Everything that we have been trying to avoid is a numerical value expressing the persistence of which we resist.
If you want to imply transformative spirit,have pride in your appearance. Tales linger on. All history of the DNA will offer two alternative pseudoexplanatirns.

In conclusion, what we do and how we feel appears that of choosing which of these conflicting models to “believe”.


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Phoenix Rising Over CityPhoenix Rising Over the City by G A Rosenberg


In the Belly of the Beast, the Spider AbidesIn the Belly of the Beast the Spider Abides by G A Rosenberg


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