Cut Up Lunacy


You can never hold on to something that is truly beautiful; not without any consequences. There is a reason why roses have thorns.
— Adam Stanley


This is the house of the moon and the god forms are treated more eternal. Our job would be relatively simple, This is one of the rewards of playing around with symmetry. The role of the animal within is introduced alongside what are called “blocks to becoming” A becoming animal always involves
their thought. All we had to do was put everyday language into equation form and understand that the virgin whore is not simply a blend of the two poles. the snake weaving its way through…
showing that there is always more than the reality we know
(shadow abyss… apple, strange fruit as we all hang)
there is power in each surge…every touch of the abyss shakes the bubble reality as the entrance to the lunar mansion closes upon us.
Blessings, G


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Desiring BeingDesiring Being by G A Rosenberg


Sphere of InfluenceSphere of Influence by G A Rosenberg


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