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“Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge.”
— Carl G. Jung



h4>It seems lately that everyone in the states or who follows the circus that is United States election 2016 has decided to pick a side. For many that means picking one candidate and sticking to them through thick and thin, extolling the positives and getting angry at whomever would suggest that there are any negatives.
“Negatives, that belongs to those other guys who are totally evil.” Strange enough when people acknowledge the opposite’s party candidates as having no good points or justifications. When they burn in effigy those whose views are the most similar to their own candidates, it makes you wonder. Case in point, the Democrats since there are only two. Both of the candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have stated that they would prefer each other to win by a large factor over any of the Republican candidates. Yet people are defending each other on social media and virtually coming to blows against those who have the temerity to prefer the other candidate.
This tendency to go “all out” jingoistic towards a candidate without any willingness to look at the downsides seems to come down to at least two increasing tendencies I have perceived.
1) People, encouraged by the media, public education systems and most private ones, seem to be using less and less critical thought these days. They either love or hate the candidate without seeing the flaws (and both Bernie and Hillary have some weak points). I have yet to notice anything or anyone so perfect in any situation that that have no flaws yet this inability (unwillingness) to look at it will in the long run have consequences.

2) Many people seem to be over identifying with their candidates so anything critical said about the candidate gets taken as a personal insult.
So much of human thought and philosophy has been built around being able to see and even argue from more than one side of a proposition that to abandon this ability or not develop it in the first place seems to me to be a manifestation of the dumbing down of society.

I don’t know that either Bernie or Hillary can ultimately benefit this country. At this point I would be happy with whoever getting in not furthering harm.
Blessings, G


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