Creating Absurdity


“Envision possibility. Don’t worry who else believes in it; the universe is only looking for instructions from you.”
— Marianne Williamson


Creating the world I live in
breaking the chains I’m given
freeing myself for living


I have to admit tho I keep getting pulled in by all the political bread and circuses. It may be easier this year since they’ve added so many clowns. Take the latest news from the south for instance. Supreme Court Justice Scalia died of a hard attack yesterday. He was 79 and not particularly in the best of health so it probably did not feel totally unexpected. Yet immediately the radical right jumped in with conspiracy theories about how he was murdered (by Obama in at least one reported theory no less). Putting aside the absurdity of this claim for a second one has to ask the next logical question. If he was going to be murdered, why would it be now. The timing is already causing a shit storm due to the fact that President Obama is in his last year in office and the republicans don’t want him to do his appointed job. If it was that easy to assassinate Scalia would it not have been wiser to do it a year ago before several of the most controversial and closest decisions to come down the pike in a while? One has to wonder.
Blessings, G


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