Summoning Transition (January 2017 Part 5)

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Confusing times we live in. These pictures were made in January. Most people picked sides and were starting the process of disengaging from any consideration of other points of view. This has not only continued but increased. This includes people who claim to seek truth and knowledge!
How someone can claim to do this while holding their hands over their ears and blindfolds over their eyes except when it comes to outrage and signaling the side they are on baffles me beyond belief.
Is the point of a discussion to win or to come to a higher truth? All too many seem to believe the former.
As always, I wish my opinions and my truths to be challenged. If there is something I am not seeing, open my eyes. Even those who’s thoughts are in opposition to my own in certain areas hold knowledge and value in others yet so few wish to consider that. The true casualties of the age are critical thinking and openness to new ideas. Sad.


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The Summoning (Redux) by GAR


Under His Auspices by GAR


He Sits and Waits by GAR
Factory of the Infinite Sun, A Closer Look (Redux) by GAR


Transition by GAR


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