Tales and Reckonings (October 2017)


Some song lyrics to meditate on:
“Oz didn’t give nothing to the Tin Man
that he didn’t already have”
“We all need some reason to believe
(I don’t know about anyone but me)”
“I decided long ago
never to walk in anyone’s shadow
If I fail if I succeed
at least I lived as I believe”


It’s important to learn from as many other people as possible. As soon as you set someone up on a pedestal, their flaws become more apparent. If they climb on the pedestal, then they are acknowledging you are beneath them.
Definitely consult people who know more about a subject than you do. If you have medical questions, talk to the best doctor you know who has the training and experience and has become an expert.
If you want to learn a discipline, learn it from someone who has undergone the training and has experience in it. Give them the due respect for what they have learned. Yet know that that does not make them experts in all facets of even their lives, let alone yours. Everything that I have experienced in my life so far has led me to believe that I would not be a very good follower. It works better for me to seek and consult experts than it ever has for me to seek mentors.


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The Oracle Awaits (redux) by GAR


Telling the New Day’s Tale (Redux) by GAR


An Elder Reckoning by GAR


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