Watching Chaos Descend (January 2018)


“Dualism means to look upon all as black and white, which is viewed by Satanism as a cosmic delusion.
Paradox means to look upon all as something contradictory and absurd, but just as well true and real. Which is viewed by Satanism as a chaotic harmonization”
–Vexior 218, Panparadox


I have come to disbelieve in absolutes. As I watch more and more people becoming polarized in their views both politically and spiritually to the point where it seems difficult to not only entertain opinions that are contradictory but to cut off the people who hold them as totally and completely as they can. Less and less is there a consideration that two seemingly-contradictory things can both hold truth. I find the absurdity of this viewpoint to be hilarious.
Only a few years ago, people were quoting Bruce Lee “Be like water”, left and right. They embraced examining one’s views and self-reflection. Yet with very little effort, that changed. Never before have I seen so many people unwilling to move beyond their own limited sense of right and wrong. So delusional and so funny. Ultimately I don’t see embracing either the left or the right (either politically or spiritually) as being half as destructive as this unwillingness to bend, to embrace paradox, to be even somewhat open to other possibilities. It is the polarization of people and beliefs that will push us over the brink. Personally I would rather embrace the chaos of a multiplicity of viewpoints than the ultimate stagnation and destruction that comes from unyielding tunnel vision.


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She Watches in the Depths by GAR


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