Geometrical Gnosis (August 2017)


Let’s make one thing clear; the world you live in is hollow. It is plain and simple and contains only matter that, in itself, does not possess anything of lasting value. The only way to create something of dignity and true beauty in this world is by looking beyond its borders, to search outside of the mundane and enter into connection with that which lies beyond the safety of established form. To step into the realm of liberated wilderness, of untamed fire and of that ancient chaos for which every true and potent artist has been a mouthpiece. There is a great abyss between this world and that place; an abyss which very few are ever able to cross. But by means of magic and communication with the divine, there are ways to penetrate that to that vast darkness, to that which lies beyond. To build bridges and open gate ways to that terrible and wondrous place that lies outside the borders of the world.
— Erik Danielsson.
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She Dreams Geometrically (redux) by GAR


Maternal Feeling by GAR


Tree and Root by GAR


Opening to Possibilities (August 2017)


I read an interesting post on social media a few minutes ago. The poster listed a number of subjects that they stated were not open to debate and suggested that anyone who thought they were should take a long look in the mirror. I feel this is total tripe.
There is no subject that is not open to debate especially if several people hold opposing points of view. That is by definition what debate is. You may not want to debate a person holding the opposite point of view. You may not find it a useful endeavor as either you, they or both are unlikely to change your minds based on a discussion yet the debate can still happen and some may even find it valuable. The value of debate would be increased if both sides avoided traps such as strawman arguments, ad hominem attacks and other logical fallacies. Indeed even if the opinion of the debaters remains unchanged, that does not mean that others observing or participating would be unaffected.
I would go even further and give an exercise that I have found useful. If you feel strongly about something and know that many disagree, assume the opposite position and argue that. This both opens you up as to the reasons (and facts) for opposing your point of view, countering these conclusions with facts of your own will strengthen your arguments and it might even open up alternative possibilities as there is often a range of thought behind any one topic of discussion. The truth or the solution may not be as either-or as you thought.
An unwillingness to debate a topic tho has always seemed to me to be cowardly in the extreme.
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In Service to Her (redux) by GAR


Three Warriors (Redux) by GAR


Becoming Myself by GAR


Shadows and Flames (August (2017)


Darken your room, shut the door, empty your mind. Yet you are still in great company – the Numen and your Genius with all their media, and your host of elementals and ghosts of your dead loves — are there! They need no light by which to see, no words to speak, no motive to enact except through your own purely formed desire.
— Austin Osman Spare
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Staring Into the Flames by GAR


The Slow Dance (redux) by GAR


Abaddon’s Shadow by GAR


Snakes and Stars (August 2017)


These experiences and mythic themes in actuality seem to be descriptions of a subtle and profound interaction between the human psyche and the non-organic environment occurring at certain places and times, leading to spontaneous shamanic visions, ‘soul flight’ and deep-level perceptual shifts in particular people. This is enshrined in traditional knowledge of consciousness-catalysing ‘points’ and ‘paths’ in the mythological landscapes and psychotopographies of Europe and elsewhere.
— Nigel ‘Aldcroft’ Jackson


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Escherian Landscape by GAR


The Serpent’s Power by GAR


In His Stars by GAR


Searching For Polarity (August 2017)


Possibly because I am a Libra, I search for equilibrium. I would say balance but that would mean that I want to be in the middle at all times. I like extremes fine. I want to be able tho to experience the full spectrum of everything whether it be artistically, politically, spiritually or any other category.
In order to experience these full ranges tho it means a certain code of honour. I avoid dismissing anyone’s experience and when possible to avoid insulting any form of thought. I admit that I find it rather foolish to insult people who hold opinions rather than challenge the opinion itself. I also find that leaping to conclusions of the type “If you believe so and so than you must be ” People are oh so much more complex than that. I also have to avoid moral outrage at what another expresses. It doesn’t mean I approve or would hold these opinions myself. Merely that I don’t want to remain ignorant that these views or experiences exist. To do so feels dishonest
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The Consciousness of Space (redux) by GAR


What She Sought by GAR


Polarity by GAR