Notes on : The Princess of Wands

(Chance’s Emanation)

Artist’s Notes
Early in our lives, we are open to wonder. The world is full of wonder and magic and we are exuberant. Somewhere around puberty most of us lose this ineffable quality though if we are lucky at various points, we regain it for brief moments and these moments spur us on through the adventurous times when we are willing to take a chance and experience something new.
Look at the Tiger Cubs and the silvery figure beside them and you will see this quality. Open yourself up to their words and their being and you may recapture that feeling as it prepares you for the next change in your life.
About the Archetype:
The suite of Wands deals with force-creative, spiritual, and vital and is associated with the element of Fire. Pages (or Princesses as they are called in many decks) represent the grounding or emergence of the energy involved. When we ground fire, we bring all the energy of the spirit into the physical.
The Page of Wands burns brightly with an amazing enthusiasm that quickly becomes infectious. He or She is full of ideas of where they want to be and what they want to be doing and they are constantly on the move. They have very little in the way of filters and will say anything especially if it will get a rise out of their audience but this is done with total guilelessness. The Page of Wands due to their charm is able to pull off saying and doing almost anything and their behaviour is unique to themselves.
Astrological Correspondent:
While the Aces are said to contain the seed of the element, the pages may be considered the medium in which the seed grows. Fire is spirit, inspiration and motivating force and is expressed through Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Aries gives the instinct to push ahead, forging onward, Leo is the steady flame that expresses outward much like the plants on the ground and Sagittarius would show the flame’s expansiveness ever searching new areas to spread and grow.
In a Reading:
When the Princess of Wands shows up in a reading, it may mean that a younger person with lots of energy and a winning personality has entered our life It may also represent a time in our lives when we feel adventurous and are ready to try anything and everything especially if it is new. It is a protected time and one of the new beginnings and newfound freedom so we should go for it with confidence. The Page of Wands may also refer to some good news that has come our way.
When the Page of Wands turns up reversed, it may mean that our steps towards exploring new possibilities have faltered a bit as we encounter some obstacles. It may represent a time of indecision and lack of confidence in ourselves. Perhaps the situation has proven to be a bit more complex than we led ourselves to believe and we need to cut back a bit and take simpler baby steps on our new route. It is important tho that we continue to keep moving forward however to avoid giving up on ourselves and our direction totally.
The Page of Wands reversed or badly aspected may also represent someone in our environment who is raging because they haven’t gotten his or her own way. This person may have much less depth than we thought and may be seeking to blame others for their difficulties as they find it impossible to believe that they could be at fault.
Fate’s Whisper:
When you are a child,  the Tiger you are taught early on how to harness madness. When drowning in the seas of insanity it is since or swim. Those who can’t hold paradox are the ones who are consumed while those who can are reborn with their aura of causality.
In our youth, there are times we are expected to uphold the values of the figure who raised us. Some drown and end up being labelled as failures, while others are held in the limelight for swimming. This does not define the pool as healthy or unhealthy though. You don’t always have to swim to be something. Failure teaches more than any amount of victory. So decide what values you want to swim in.

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