Notes on: The Four of Cups

(Is That It?)

Artist’s Notes:
Having three of any of the material things we enjoy is a good thing for sure. Then we could have our best, our next best and our every day of that thing. Three cars can fit nicely between the car and the driveway after all and how many houses or sets of dishes do we need? After that, we may as well be a collector. Likewise, three drinks over the course of an evening may be pleasant but the fourth would make it difficult to drive home under one’s own power.
About the Archetype
Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions. Fours express stability and the manifestation of the energy involved. In this case, our emotions are stabilized and at peace. Something new appears on the horizon. Do we accept it as one more thing or do we fully explore its potential? When we become too jaded to see each new thing that appears in our life, good and bad as a gift to be explored, appreciated, and integrated rather than something else to use and discard then we set ourselves up for frustration later on.
Astrological Correspondence:
Moon in Cancer – Cancer is the moon’s home and in this sign, each thing encountered makes its emotional impression and adds to the awareness. It is also an energy that is always looking for something more as the possible answer to its needs and can never be totally satisfied.
In a Reading:
When the four of cups occurs in a reading, it can indicate something new that has entered the life of the querent, usually of an emotional nature. It can be something as simple as advice. Will we listen to it or at least seek to understand how it may apply to us or will we throw it away as just one more in a series of things we have heard? Do we believe we have heard it all before or are we truly willing to listen?
When the four of cups shows reversed or badly aspected, it says that we have learned to use what is offered to us and to accept it in the spirit offered. It may also show that this has occurred out of necessity because everything that we have taken for granted has been seeping away.
Fate’s Whisper:
New boundaries formed while each faction began to set its roots. Powers that wanted influence sought to challenge each pillar. This would inevitably fail as they would see those who did far less gain their favour. Time was especially cruel in this. Great factions would be forced to watch as underdogs were turned into unfathomable monsters. Their numbers mattered little as they would be food for the ones they once oppressed.
Many of us see others overjoyed as they group up and travel together. It is only when we look away do they really have to face one of Time’s greatest lessons, Individuality vs Hive Mind. While we struggle to find ourselves we forget to realize that we have a will of our own. To have easy joy means it isn’t genuine. Who are you behind closed doors?

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