Notes on: The Four of Swords

(Centered in Between)

Artist’s Notes:
A rest between battles can take many forms. Do we spend it catching up on needed sleep with a sword ready to use at our side? Do we sit in reflective contemplation and meditation, replaying the last battles and see how we can improve both our game and the outcome? Do we travel deeply within ourselves until the call comes once before?
How do you define a battle? Is it an argument or a skirmish either between us and another one-on-one or between two sides, one of which we are part of? Could it be the simple battle of existence and the calm between battles that we face each night, each day bringing new growth opportunities and new challenges? On a larger scale may it not even be an incarnation, a lifetime of growth with the rest time in between beginning when our bodies expire?
Each level reflects those below and those above. Still, rest is a good thing.
About the Archetype:
The suit of swords represents thoughts, ideas, plans, and conflicts. Fours express stability and the manifestation of the energy involved.
There are times when our thoughts become too much for us and the inherent conflicts and battles that arise feel like a never-ending battle. We need to establish a truce, a withdrawal from conflict to meditate and be silent within ourselves, to gain further energy with which we will return and find resolution or synthesis of the ongoing struggle. The four of swords represent this time of withdrawal and meditation.
Astrological Correspondent:
Jupiter in Libra- The Jupiter in Libra energy is impartial, fair and open-minded, and willing to consider all sides. It seeks harmony and resolution but at times can become indecisive when there is not a clear solution that will benefit all. Jupiter wishes to expand truthfully while the Libra energy tends to be diplomatic and wants everyone to be happy. These two energies can often bring one to a deadlock at which time it benefits one to meditate on the solution
In a Reading:
When the Four of Swords occurs in a reading, a moment of rest occurs in a conflict. This does not mean that the conflict has gone away as much as that it is time to take stock and look at possible outcomes and solutions before the battle starts up again. It is best not to fool oneself that things have resolved as this card does not mean peace but a brief pause for healing and reflection. Further effort will be necessary
When the Four of Swords shows up reversed or badly aspected,, it may mean that the truce is over and that it is time to return and resolve the conflicts at hand. If the inner work has been done during the truce time then the resolution will be possible.
Fate’s Whisper:
In a time when divination wasn’t born what defined fate? In the words of the Spider, he would say this.
“Purpose and conviction are two sides of the same coin. Both entail a concept greater than what we can grok. Time may assist at times but True Fate is timeless. You may postpone what i weave but that doesn’t mean you are home-free. Fate waits for when you forget even if that means waiting till your higher self forces this burden on you. After all the more you fight the more energy you waste.”
To be held captive by our conviction is the greatest gift and curse that has been bestowed on those tied to fate. The more we sit in our power the more we achieve but we are held responsible for the personal gains as well. Each life will define its karmic weight through its actions. So what will you do? Become a legend puppet or and waste of thread?

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