Notes on: The Six of Swords

(Journey Through Strife)

Artist’s Notes:
This ship and the people on it have seen challenges aplenty on its trip through the harbour. Yet through all of its challenges, its captain manages to bring them in safely. It takes both confidence and faith in oneself to not shirk what needs to be done. That, and a willingness to adapt and think outside the box. Of course, sometimes the only way to think outside the box is to break it.
About the Archetype:
The suit of swords represents thoughts, ideas, plans, and conflicts. Sixes represent balance and harmony.
The energy of this card deals with healing from wounds, a guided journey away from where we were hurt to where we can heal and gain perspective over what has caused the wounds in the first place. Once grief has been acknowledged then we can begin the journey away from what has hurt us (carrying the memories, the swords for the lessons we have learned, with us but in a way that is now harmless to us.).
Astrological Correspondent:
Mercury in Aquarius – The Mercury in Aquarius energy is one of both objective logic and intuitive understanding. This gives an amazing ability to contextualize problems in order to begin to move past them. This form of thinking can often come into conflict with that of the status quo, especially where being helpless in the face of problems has become more and more in vogue.
In a Reading:
When the Six of Swords turns up in a reading, it can mean that the time has come to take stock of a situation and look at it objectively and move onwards. It may also denote a time of healing and moving forwards. In its most literal sense, it could mean a journey over water yet this depending on the other cards in the reading most likely will be in the context of leaving in order to heal. It may also mean that someone in the given situation is twisting their interpretation of the problem to suit their own ends.
Reversed or badly aspected, the Six of Swords can represent someone who either feels trapped in a situation or is trapped, unable to see where the escape route is. This could be because of rationalizations but it almost always signifies a need to take stoke of the situation and find some clarity. It can also represent something being offered that may seem like an escape route but will in truth only lead to greater problems.
Fate’s Whisper:
” Every empire will fall the same way it came to power.”
When the first passed and empires were in their beginning stages the Spider was stuck will endless visions of war through petty squabble. Having started the cycle of war it was then he decided to create this edict to ensure that war would only become as powerful as the foundation it could establish. This would later extend to the force many refer to as Karma. Named, jokingly as many think, The Law of Irony many began to create these loops of twisted demises as they sought to outwit Fate only to fall victim to their own with while those ignorant of this edict lived very fulfilling lives. Which are you the Fool or the Blind?

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