ANAXEIRAZ-The Forbidden Tree


It started with a sigil. Two friends of mine on FB Chris Paige and Austin Blackstone were doing some work together that I was peripherally aware of. They had channeled / discovered a collection of elder deities that were connected to but older than the qliphothic system. I was fascinated by their work and when they posted the Anaxeiraz sigil (pictured below), I asked for permission to play with it a bit, adding a background and colour and thereby producing the dual results of establishing a connection with the energies embodied with it and also making it come alive as a piece of artwork that embodied those energies.
Austin and Chris liked what I had done and asked me if I would like to create more art based around their system. It seems that the best way for me to understand any given collection of archetypes is to embody them through art and come to know each one. With the tarot, the goetia gateway cards, and the ogham and rune pictures I gained a lot of understanding and in some cases (Especially with the Goetic entities) there was a sense of communication, a permission if you would to get my envisioning of their likenesses out there. However with thee Anaxeiraz entities, I found strange echoes, pieces of my art that seemed to already embody them and some of their symbols that Austin and Chris discussed. I do not claim to have received nearly the gnosis of them and their history and rituals that Austin & Chris did, but it seemed like I have had a peripheral understanding of them for quite some time.
I did an invocation, asking for their permission to be depicted. I imagined that it would be similar to the Goetia pictures and deck in how I would gather the clues I had on what they might look like and draw the images together with bits and pieces drawn from clip art that I have amassed over the years and my own ability with line work and filters and colour, intuitively from what came down, perhaps invoking each one as I went along. What has been happening instead was nowhere near as simple tho it was a great deal more direct.
The night I agreed to do the pictures and made the invocation. I had a dream where I met with Egul-Kala one of the thirteen and I was told not only that I could do the pictures but I had to do them. I was given some idea of what each of them looked like and seeds were planted in my mind. Each picture would serve as a form of mini-initiation for me. Just as the goetia pictures I have done have been useful for people to use as gateways to access each of the 72 goetic demons, so would these pictures but much more powerfully.
As I completed each picture, I gained more insight into the system and even channeled other entities, not of the primal 13 but deities connected to the tunnels of the Forbidden Tree and even a ritual for how to draw energy and gnosis from the tree itself. Even after the pictures have been done, I seem to gain more understanding and inspiration the more I engage with these pictures and the deities. Especially when I work with (and sometimes jam around) the rituals that Chris and Austin have channeled.
Thus I have find myself committed and emboldened to work with this system and see where it takes me. These entities are both real and puissant and tho they have only recently been discovered, they are very old. There have been hints about them and predictions hidden in occult literature that have been around for quite awhile.
To discover more about the Anaxeiraz system and to experiment with the entities and the forbidden tree itself I highly recommend Chris and Austin’s blog:


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ANAXEIRAZ Tearing the Veil Connecting Trees
Egul-Kala Loh-Az Namir-Ha
Sib-Lii Nara-Guhs Abu-Fays
Tak-Yah Ahr-Tyn Ihaj-Za
Yada-Misha Akahad-Iza Mih-Ajla

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