Art Gallery – 2014


Art Gallery-2014

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January 2014

Streamers Aspects of Need Coalescing
Messenger Alternating Currents Volcanic Evening
Radial Plane Dance of the Warped Double Helix Red Star Lattice
Spreading the Multicoloured Word Night Working Docking
Rings of Fire Confronting Desire Dancing Symbology
Against a Purple Sky They Talked Until Morning Worship
Atomic Psychedelia Red Blue Crystal Vision Distortion in the signal
Cathedral Beneath the Waves Centering in a Star Shaped Pool Hidden Ladders
Penetration Through the Levels Observant Leaping
Cascade2 Star Flower Chalice
Forming Masked in Shadows The Gate
At the Center Purple Ripples Beach Under a Copper Sky
Seeking the Infinite Medicine Wheel Peering Out
This Bears Further Study Psychedelic Broadcast The Beating of Wings
Pulling the Moon Butterfly Inversion He Followed Me Home Can He Keep Me
Portal4b Rose Quartz Chamber Underlying
Waiting For the Moon Wishing Well Elder Dweller in the Cosmic Cave
HyperSpace Awaits Getting Myself Together Before I Go On Lava Guardian
MarbleGame Reflecting Buddah AUGNMN Made
Magician (Alt) Butterfly Colours obscuring an Idyllic Landscape Bubble Tea
Projecting2 Archway Hewn From Stone

February 2014

Blue Arachnae She Sees Stained
Somewhat Platonic Fractal Campfires Origami Plant Purple and Teal Wheel
Atomic Blue2 Violet Flame With Silver Fated Encounter
Hearts and Thorns Goddess Study Goddess
Infinite Fractal Forest The Empty Throne Emitting Outwards
Geode Blue Electrifying Finding My Way
Remade in the Stars Shooting Star Shadow amidst the Flames
Contrasting Spirits (R) Energy Well Storm Queen (Inverse)
Intriguing Offers Autumn Memory Immersed in his Surroundings
Universal Eye Blue Fire Tapestry Holding Strong Under Fire
Atomic Gold Holding the Space In My Belfry
Green Sun's Day Camouflaged Moon Gazing But Missing the Big Picture
Wolves in My Corners Point of Convergence strange-night (r)
Indigo Glass Cloud WatchersVI Precipitation
Devic Essence Ice Blue Collision Leopard Under Strange Skies
Another Land Another Time Dark Fountain The Stress of holding on too tight
Satyrday Evening in the Woods New Dawn Starred Vision
Star Compass Conversation in the Jewelled Fountain Sun Gazing
Emitter Abstract Balance Tender of the Forest
Questioning the Fish in the Golden Corridor Desert Trip

March 2014

Star Play Star Caverns Music Loomed Large For Him
Starabstraction Widening gyre Creation Engine 2
Electric Blue Waves Inside the Fish Grotto Silent Fox in Forest At Night
Emerald Shimmering Field of Motion Angelic Touch
Buddah Con Intertwined Snakes on a plane Robot City Blues
Black Light Memories Camaflouged Snakes Atoms flying in a medium
Golden Chaos Ray - A Drop Teenager on SkyTrain
Crystallization in Red Naiad Black Lotus in the Storm
Wired Stars Caught Up In It2 Overseer
Overseer Bird's Eye Tableau
Open Lotus Dancing From Her Centre Indigo Star Pattern
High Priestess Neon Crosshairs Ritual
Flame Flower Guardian Explorer Gravity
Throne Fire and Water Ripples Silent Voice
Rise of the New Day Voyage Entering A New Dream
With Her Breath She Creates Starfall Star Well Mandala
Golden Web2 Facing Shadow Interference2
Green and Flame Spiral Out Warrior Spirit intertwined
Origami Mandala Meditation From the Centre (R) Star Reach
IndigoGreen Kephera Coral Awakening
Admiring the Life Mask Mulitcoloured Mountain Dwelling Window on Blue Fire
Reaching Out Expansion2 Forest at Night

April 2014

Soul Mirror Chamber's Secrets Red Star
To Enter the Garden Atomic Cogs Observed
Multi-Wheels Humaniform Projecting From the Centre
StarRays Over a Layered Existance Shadow Dreamscape Indigo Diamonds
She Wields the Storm Turquoise Net Circe's Madness
Approaching2 Inside the Thought of a Flower The Gaze of Horus
Wind flow Hawk's Eye Strange Totem Cosmic Air Hockey
Outside View Spinning Off the Edge Discovery
Star Weave Opening of the Way Firing Off in all Directions
Summoning A Stoppage in the Flow Dark Temple
Idea Stream Dragon in Repose Metallic Tartan
Strange Observers Dance of the Tripple Goddess Abstract Fractal Caress in Green Space
Strange Sky Mountainside Radience Extraterestrial on A Lonely Planet
Skyways Home Head in the Clouds Fractal Scrying Containing Worlds (r)
Will To Choose Mauve Zone Shift Suiting Up
Glowing Lotus Burgeoning Awareness A Simple Dinner
Creating (R) Bubbles Encroaching on Infinite Space Eagle Spirit Ascending
Infinite Flame Flowering Comfort and Guidance Illumination(R)
Radial Call Star Man's Dream Seeker After Knowledge
Heart Drum Mandala Empty Chair People Reach A Meeting of the Minds Electric Fuschia
Wind Currents Over Shadowed Beach Echoes of A Black Lotus

May 2014

Supplication Flying Eye Formation Charging
Eerie Sunset Lighting the Way Emotion of the Shadow
Reaching Through to Make the Abstract Real Spherical Awakening Her Fury Awoken
BreakThrough Scaled Down Mandala Will the Cave Hold That Which You Seek?
Caught Up in the Machine Star Chamber Frosty Corona
Teacher Fractal Template Intersecting Realities
Red Coiled Gateway Shaping Star Stuff A World Within A Flower
Protector On The Path Audience (R) Glowing Baby Meets The  Insect Queen
Atomic Frost Currents2 Secrets Uncovered, Discoveries to be Made
Dark Portal Into the Green Debut Performance
Night Walk 20140516-224600.jpg 20140516-224439.jpg
20140517-222948.jpg Apparition The Way Out
Halucinatory Test Pattern Opening Night of The Theatre of the Rose Dark Star
Awaiting at the Rainbow Bridge Flame Guardian Dark Forest Where I Walk At Night
Painted Plant Entering the Chambre Entrance to an Abstract Space
Propagating Waves Jeweled Ribbons

Down the Rings
Within the Pattern Encroachment Echoes
Window on a New World Blue Star Heart Centred 2 copy
Wielder of Power Petal Explosion Exploding Peacock
Mountain of Fire Hypercube Jeweled Starburst

June 2014

Passion of the Imagination Conservatory Succulent Life
Eye in the Storm Centred Peering Within and Without
Electric Egg Off-Kilter Walking Away
Spindle Breathing Art Space Cube
In My Dream I saw three robed figures Dark Waters Rising and Falling Seeing Darkness Before the Dawn
Rolling Through the Aethyr Pluto Multidimensional Portal
High Energy Star Crystal Three Wyrd Sisters
Honouring the Tree (R) From this Rock I will Watch the Sun Rise Writhing Limb Star Mandala
Inspired by the Night Gemmed Crossroads Echoes of AUM
Abstract C Falling Into It Introduction
Mandala with Distortions House of Lion and Red Snake A Glimpse Through Purple Clouds
Field Study Breaking Out of My Shell Light Explosion
Dreamscape XVIII Random Order With Glimpses of Beauty Casting a Shadow
Constructing a  Matrix of Possibilities The End Gives Way to the Beginning Indigo Coin Ripples
Gothic Evening Soul Companion Blue Fire Mandala
Traveling Light Burning Spiros Stillness
Rose Through Soft Light Cthulu's Gargoyle Over Mountains Chapel Perlious Awaits
Empowering Transformation Strange Fish in Stranger Water Unfolding Patterns
Southwestern Sun Plant Guardian

July 2014

Nude Shadow Beside Tree Restored Shephard Energized (R)
Furry Meditations Systemic Unfolding Synaptic Viewing
Reaching Through Opening of Ways Acropolis Shadow
Textured Emergence Moth Woman View Welcome3
Night Ride Warrior Masque Environmental Distortion
Deconstructing David Spider Weaving Cosmic Web (R) Onrush
Tears of a Child Midnight Flower Bathing in the Currents
Orb-It (R) Puzzled Dragonflies Bug in the System
Her Laughter Like The Night Outside in a Far Off Land Invitation (R)
Mauve and Green Reflections Haunted by Memories of Home Lost Electric Surge
Dinner Time Strange Journey (Redux) Iris Flower in a Rainstorm
The Show That Never Ends Camouflaged Fox Weaving in Beauty

August 2014

Border Crossing Portal Liason Following the Trail to the Diamond Within
Storm God in the Night Forest Guardian of Dark Dreams I Dreamt a Skewed Landscape
Indigo Test Pattern Kingdom Orchestrating the Sunset (Abstract)
Maelstrom Spirit To Be Reborn From the Flames Masked Regret
Orracular Vision Touch Meeting at the Tor
She Walked Through a Dream Sheltering Strange Birds Shaman Enchanted Evening
Hanging Out in the Garden Again A New Place I Visit In Strange Tunnels
Another Unbidden Landscape Surveying the Wreckage Holding Pattern
Fears of a Clown Strange Abstract Portal Waiting Chamber
Propagating Emanations A Summoning Of Myths and Ritual
The Phoenix Shield Inside Very Complex Molecules Space Warp Abstraction
Looking Out through the Green Eye of the Fire (R) Ripling Opelesque Expansion
In Silent Orchestration As She Feels Her World Melting Away Night Terrors
Crystal Mesh Wandering Through Lunar Tides Stepping Outside The Night She Saw Nothing Unusual
Little Red's Night Solve et Coagula Turning Wheels Within Wheels
Fiery Goodbye Archway to a Strange Land Images Shifting in Multicoloured Flames
Invitation Offered Night Flower2 Wandering Afield
Nice Night For It Opening Expression Drawn in Darkness Drawn to Light

September 2014

Strange Playground labyrinth Goat Mask Perspective Stone Throne (Redux)
Lying Awake Containing Worlds Faceless in The Outer Realm Auric Battleground
In a Fish Bowl Devotion (R) Contained Chamber
Meanwhile In Another Part of the Universe The Ape Watches Greeting the Visitors
Interdimensional Impressions Lesson r) Romance Novel Cover For a Surreal Age
Insubstantial TranSubstance Map Meaning, Thought and Mirror
Evolutionary A Heroic Fantasy Tending the Fires
Spirit Dance Sacrificial Totem (R) Abstract Images Appear in Multicoloured Fractal Flames
Making an Entrance Stepping Out2 Thoughts Falling Like Rocks Thoughts Rising Like Butterflies
An Alien Nature From the Sea Dark Sun Rising
Time, Life, Death, The Maiden Astrological  Room With A View (R) Formation
Exploring the Wasteland The Ever-Glade(R) And Then He Spoke
Ink Blot Visions Enveloped Spirit Flight (R) Falling Away
Smoke, Mirror and Ritual Crossing Labyrinth to Know Where
Reaching For More Time (Redux) Into the Blue Another Realm's Moon
Entering Darkness and Finding Light Facing the Cosmic Drama Chiseled Embrace (R)
A Breach Contemplation, Escape and Desire Butterfly Trails
Dark Dreaming Emergent Season (Redux) Depths of Understanding
Calmly Gazing Passing Through Gateways That Break The Chains Grove
Cosmic Doughnuts (r) Night Flower Bloom Discourse
After A Fall Something Arises Seeking Attainment Burning in a Sea of Black Fire
Rough Passage Seeing Into A Dark World Abstract Lovers (Redux)
Another Gateway Home Nice Night for a Moonlit Ride (Corrected) Abstracted Vision 62
In Search of Lost Treasure Sitting In Abstraction He Will Answer

October 2014

Within an Electric Web Watching in Space Calm at the Centre of a Randomizing Pattern
Questing on Bear Back Wrath Golden Hummingbird
Approaching the Unknown with Totemic Aspects Training Ground for Phoenixes The Woods He Leaves Behind
From the Shadows (Redux) Rising Eye He witnesses Her Transformation
Oroborus's Stare Generator Watching (R)
Interlocking Crystaline Pieces Astronomy Lesson In His Keep
Opening Up With Thoughts of Soaring Born of Magick and the Lotus (R)
Oracle Befriending the Sun (Amon) Transmitting Outward
Choosing A Face (Dantalion) The Gold Dragon Awaits Mind Drifting in Totemic Space
I've Been Down This Road Before In Flight (Ipos) Eyes Towards the Infinite
Through Red Windows Back on the Cosmic Merry Go Round Inner Workings
Reading Destiny Astarte I Went Into a Dream
A Chaotic Mirror Dragon's Retreat Serpentine Love
Crystal Scrying (R) Burning Mind Field Generator2
In Triumph Chalice2 Time's Melting Shadow on Mandala
Sallos Weaving a New Reality Apep in thee Field
A Satyr's Dream Green Midnight At the Oasis A Pattern That Just Wants a Hug
Vanitas with Fiery Horned Skull Ringmaster of the Unearth Circus Angel Over Hidden Water (Crocell)
Journey Along the Eye Way (r) Spider Gateway Through Reality Storm Ritual Space
Preparing For the Journey Projecting Outwards Kephera Through the Underworld--Dreamcycle
Obverse Horus in Crystal Space Riding Through Caves (Vine)