Expression is Key

Thanks to an online fellow traveller on the parallel converging spiritual paths (i love mixing metaphors and find it almost impossible not to when talking about this stuff. There exists One Path yet each entity must travel his/her /its own ;D) i believe i have found a new mantra / affirmation. Thanks Mayan Monkey
But what meaning attaches to it? It uses a form of “to be” so Aristotelean identity would say that there is a key-ness inherent in Expression. What does a key do? It unlocks…doors, locks, codes… hmmmm so what code does expression provide the key to breaking? well it seems that One provides the answer to almost any question πŸ˜‰ there exists only one code so how does expression provide the key to it.
Old Zen story: The tale goes like this: A student went to visit a famous Zen master. The master served tea and rice while the student talked about his desire to learn Zen. The master filled up the rice bowl up to the brim until it overflowed. Finally, distracted, the student blurted: β€œIt’s too full! No more will go in!” The Zen Master sighed, saying: β€œYou are like this bowl. How can I show you Zen until you first empty this bowl?”

That seems surprisingly clear. When I have absorbed experience, knowledge, information, wisdom, music, art (not sure bur I find several, if not all of the above words synonymous with each other) how do i empty my bowl? hmmm could it be…..Expression? (bells, whistles, a duck comes down) πŸ™‚

hmmm I sense truth here.

Hierophant Reading

1-How has tradition affected my life? The World (reversed) RWWorld
2-What have I learned?>/em> V of Pentacles V of Pentacles
3-How have I broken with tradition? III of Swords RWSwordsThree
4-What effect has it had on my life? VIII of Wands (reversed) RWWandsEight
5-What do I have to teach others? VII of Cups (reversed) RWcupsSeven
6-How can I fulfill the role The Emperor RWEmperor

How has tradition affected my life? The World (Rev)“Stability to the point of stagnation, things have gone stale. The Potential for fulfillment exists but first one must break out.”hmmm, sounds like my formative years and also a warning. I can easily fall into the trap of believing that such a thing as capital-T truth exists . In other words it seems that Agent Maulder might have been mistaken. Also when I was younger, I went to a private hebrew school where traditions and beliefs have calcified.

What have I learned? V of Pentacles“People helping each other especially if society fails them; possibly finding greater meaning in the daily struggles of life”My family was culturally jewish. Hillel, a jewish scholar stated “If I am not for myself, who will be for me. But if I am only for myself then who am I?” The meme of helping others in rough stages of their life was ingrained in me at an early age, as was finding significance in struggles.

How have I broken with tradition? III of Swords“Sorrow with the hope that by accepting it, we can go beyond the pain. Conflict in a group, such as a family, or at work. Understanding the quality of your own mind”I have always quested, always sought, always wanted to learn and understand more. That at times has caused difficulty with members of my family who tend towards more conservative modes

What effect has it had on my life? VIII of Wands (Reversed)“Situations remain unresolved, unstable… It could mean breaking a pattern”So many patterns and traditions broken by me in my lifetime…so much running away and when it stopped ..having to learn to build.

What do I have to teach others? VII of Cups (Reversed)“The need to take action on fantasies. Love might not be returned. A choice might have to be made.” WOW. and maybe that we don’t love for love to be returned, we love because loving works better than not loving. Our choices define us but making a different choice is always possible. All of these things have come up in the recent past.

How can I fulfill the role? The Emperor“Sometimes only the Emperor’s toughness and structures will work in a situation””At its best the emperor represents energy and desire”Hmmmm. comments anyone?

Shalom (Peace)

Enjoy the beauty that you take part in. Walk along by streets and flowers. It it storms, enjoy that too. Storms happen, internally and externally. We can watch the storm without getting caught up in it, without hating it, while acknowledging that they exist. Identify more with the season that the storm takes part in rather than with the storm. Identify with the cycle of the seasons, the year and the progression of years. Identify with the planet-form that the climate takes place in and the universe that contains the planet.
Somehow the storm now seems…if not insignificant, part of an amazing beautiful whole.

Random Thoughts

I hoped to get more writing done today. Oh well. Today Zev had his Sims 3 day. I enjoyed the game more than I thought.

Story idea:Someone using The Sims game as a tool for sympathetic magic. I could see it working successfully if other ritual elements were brought in. For story purposes, it would work.

My experiment with using english prime as much as possible continues. Have my perceptions changed due to the language paradigm shift? I find myself choosing my words a lot more carefully (some might say an improvement in itself) I speak in the active voice more often, also. I still might vlog about this tomorrow.

Read and listened to three different sources today all saying that absolute truth does not exist. Tho I suppose that also applies to itself.

With Aaron away for a few days, I hope to write more, vlog more, blog more and get some serious cleaning done. There the universe holds my intention πŸ˜‰

I feel I need a new name.

Books that I’m Reading

Books that I’m Currently Reading

There seems to be a serious case of what appears to be ADD as currently my attention shifts between four or five different books, all of them quite amazing in their own way. Oddly enough, for me only one of them has the classification of fiction tho tonight I read what I considered a brilliant short story by Charles DeLint Coyote Stories

Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson : Wilson writes this, to me, amazing synthesis of Timothy Leary’s work on programing the neurological circuits , Genreal Semantics, Crowley’s magical teaching and around five or six other areas all with humour and exercises for self-development/self-programming.

Serpent of Light Beyond 2012 by Drunvalo Melchizedek: I had been reading and hearing about Melchizedek and his Flower of Life workshop for about a dozen years now and this is the first book that I have read by him. It seems to be a good example of things coming to us at the right time. This book talks about the 13,000 year cycle that according to many different calendars is coming to an end and a new one beginning and how it represents the shifting of the Kundalini energy of the earth.

Tarot Wisdom: Spiritual Teachings and Deeper Meanings by Rachel Pollack: I’ve probably said this before, I haven’t yet found a writer on the Tarot who writes books that I find as interesting as I find Rachel Pollack’s I have used her book 78 Degrees of Wisdom as a major reference book for readings i have done for the past 30 years. In this book, she conveys most of what she’s learned since then in amazing concise fashion.

Virus of the Mind-The New Science of the Meme by Richard Brodie This book has brought me a lot of enjoyment. A meme , according to Brodie and several others is “a unit of information whose existence influences events such that more copies of itself get created in other minds” . In other words, the way i understand it a thought construct such as a slogan, a piece of music or an idea that once it gets in your head, you start humming it or passing it along. Could be anything from the first notes of Beethoven’s Fifth (DA DA DA DUH) to “Bush is a moron” to “Everything is One” It occurs to me that i definitely need a greater awareness of which memes are running loose in my brain.

In the Earth Abides the Flame by Russell Kirkpatrick The second book in what was intended to be a trilogy and now has grown to series, i find the writing and characters great which at this time in my life is what i look for

The Emperor Reading

Continuing on with the spreads for each of the Major Arcana trumps suggested by Rachel Pollack in her book Tarot Wisdom.:

1)How am I an Emperor King of Pentacles RWPentaclesKing
2) How am I not an Emperor? King of Wands (Reversed) King of Wands
3) Where do I need to take charge? King of Cups (Reversed) King of Cups
4)Who Will Help Me Do This? 2-The High Priestess(Reversed)</strong RW_HighPriestess
5) How am I weak? Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) Knight of Pentacles
6) How am I strong? 5-The Hierophant RWhierophant
7) What are the rules? 3-The Empress (Reversed) 3-The Empress

Interpretation (or at least definitions)

How am I an Emperor? K of Pentacles“Successful, Secure with wealth and possibly honor and likes it that way””Alexander the Great””benefactor for a project…focuses on material things with satisfaction and pride rather than selfishness or obsessioni would wonder if this is talking about family background? I do know thats not all of it

How am I not the Emperor? K of Wands (Rev)“Tested or in anyway confined, he may react angrily..difficult circumstances may cause him to doubt himself uncharacteristically” well, to quote Groucho “That certainly sounds like me”

Where do I need to take charge?K of Cups (Rev)“blocked creativity, frustration””misuses power” “Coming out with anger or fear revealing long hidden feelings” Again, pretty clear, I need to keep myself creating, deal with things as they come up,express doubts, etc

What will help me do this? High Priestess (Rev)“must get involved in the world especially if one has spent time away” “this card can remind us to be passionate and commit ourselves to something community building, teaching, giving advice .

How am I weak? Knight of Pentacles (Rev)</strong “inertia-allowing others to take advantage. can also indicate taking more chances”> ’nuff said>

How am I strong? Hierophant (Rev)“Unorthodoxy rejects path laid out by society or family and goes his or her own way. Freedom but with freedom comes the responsibility of choosing wisely “

What are the rules?The Empress (Rev) “Reversed the Empress becomes more cautious or more thoughtful”

Both of the last two seem rather obvious but as with the Empress reading where i had trouble figuring out the connections, here they seem too obvious so if anyone wants to comment or otherwise message me to give me insight–it would be appreciated.

A Swim in my consciousness stream

So decided to recreate what goes through my mind when I am at the gym on a typical day….not included are thoughts about weight, reps exercises and sets or random mammalian thoughts about the attractiveness of other people at the gym.

The fnords are real but not literal…”unique reality”…I had to stop free-associating when they started charging by the thought… chronologically older = different reference points and markers.. .Alice in Wonderland was a shamanic journey … the queen of hears represented the establish order– anything that interfered “Off with their heads”. Humpty-Dumpty -general semanticist – “When I use a word it means exactly what i want it to mean” — The caterpillar was the Hierophant (or guide) One side of his mushroom makes you larger –another makes you small — “You’re nothing but a deck of cards” — Time moving at different rates — If symbol was reality and words were real, what would we surround ourselves with? –The map reflects the territory reflects the map — they resonate together– sympathetic magic — I am a spot on the map yet the territory is contained within me–curiouser and curiouser–It’s all one and all a dream–masks & layers = maps & territories = symbols and reality–the only real currency we have is attention–

Hope you enjoyed the dip

The Universe Lies Within