Tarot Post – Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles (Work / Art)


Three of PentaclesThree of Pentacles (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


He Perfects his art.

Realizing inner visions

he then manifests


So hard I’ve worked
to learn my craft
endless hours where every mistake possible was made
Now the show
the lights, the glow
the people coming around to see
what new masterpiece the artist has designed
Yet still the art
flows through
and a new creation awaits


Story: The cabinet maker had spent years as an apprentice learning his trade. As a journeyman, he perfected it learning what artistic flourishes to put in and how to make function flow into a form that both utilized space and was pleasing to the eye. Now he was a master and people came from miles around to be wait-listed for his next project. Today tho, his work was to be shown as if for the first time. Never was any contract more important. The princess strode in and looked regally upon his newest creation. He held his breath as she inspected his work. He had spend weeks on this, wanting it to be perfect but knowing that it would mean nothing if she was displeased. Her eyes lit up. “I love this dollhouse daddy, thank you, it’s beautiful”. “You’re welcome princess”, he said and hugged her tightly.


In the tarot  the suit of Pentacles refers to the element of Earth and of practical matters such as work and partnerships of a business nature and of the home. They can also represent nature, the Earth itself.  Threes deal with maturity, accomplishment and transmission of the energy involved. In the three of Pentacles, that transmission of practical energy is work accomplished or having something to show for it. Any piece of art or craftsmanship not only reflects the work put into it but the work ,  learning and time that has gone into everything the artist or craftsman has ever done before. It used to feel strange to me that some of the art that had taken me the least amount of time to do gets some of the best responses from people. Until my partner said to me, “Did it take two hours or did it take fifty years?”


Astrological Correspondence – Mars in Capricorn – This energy is very goal-oriented.  Hard work is done willingly in pursuit of something that needs to be accomplished. This involves concentration and order in a creative fashion.


I Ching Correspondence – 13) Tung Jên “Fellowship with Men</h4>
___ ____


The trigram of Heaven is over that of Flame.  The one weak line among the five strong shows flexibility within a strong order. In fellowship, there is great benefit if within a system, there can be some willingness to yield either for a better vision or to allow some creativity to show through.


In a reading the Three of Pentacles can refer to a time of learning and hard work paying off. It can denote recognition of effort and a feeling of accomplishment.


When it shows up reversed in a reading, it can represent a finished work that is mediocre. Something has been done to ‘get by’ rather than done with conscious effort. It may show that someone is not working to the best of their abilities


Tarot Post – Three of Wands

Three of Wands (Virtue)


Three of WandsThree of Wands (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Holding tight the flame

We learn to use our power.

Endless creation.


Ready to travel
I can see the road ahead
if not my destination.
I need not journey alone
tho we may not end together
eventually each man’s road diverges
from the rest
to travel now feels right
leaving behind a chapter complete
with little unfinished business
heading towards promise.
Now future facing
I begin.
– G A Rosenberg


Knowledge received
soon to transmit out
I understand now
how to use what I’ve been given
To channel it to others
to the world
even to the universe
I set my sights on the horizon
soon to manifest..
Now the journey can truly begin….
–G A Rosenberg


Wands deal with force, creative, spiritual, and vital. Threes deal with accomplishment, maturity and transmission of the energy involved. Combining these two energies, we have spiritual energy that is ready to transmit and receive . It is an accomplished force that energizes everything surrounding it. Looking at various versions of this card I am reminded of the beginning of Kahlil Gibran’s classic book The Prophet, where a man thought to be spiritually advanced and wise has been living on an island, teaching and inspiring people for a long period and now awaits the ship that will carry him home. Before he leaves he transmits the wisdom that has come into his care to give.
Tho even more this card represents a sending out of energy while staying behind and then a reception of energy. Again the idea of transmission


Astrological Correspondance – Sun in Aries – This energy always involves a moving and a sending forward. It is always moving forward  inspiring other energies to do the same, no matter where in their own situation they may find themselves..


I Ching Correspondance  – 50) Ting – “The Cauldron”
___ ___
___ ___

The Cauldron contains the idea of bringing to someone that which is needed and earned. In some ways its symbolism is reminiscent of the Grail. It contains food for the hungry and joy for those who have made others happy but may now deserve joy of their own. The trigram for Wind / Wood  is under the Trigram for Fire again indicating both transmission and fulfilment.  This is often a very auspicious hexagram to get as it means one has found his life’s path.


In a reading the Three of Wands talks about acting in accordance with nature both personal and in a wider sense. The path is known now all that remains is to follow it. If the person getting the reading is asking about whether a decision of theirs is the correct one in a moral sense, this card would answer with a resounding yes and that the path they are on is the correct one.

When the Three of Wands is reversed, it means that finding the right path and deciding on goals feels unreasonably blocked. That may very well be the keynote for the reversal of the Three of Wands, a blockage of energy.