The Wonder Remains….


“Philosophy begins in wonder. And, at the end, when philosophic thought has done its best, the wonder remains.”
— Alfred Whitehead


Philosophy begins when we look at ourselves and look at the universe and say something along the lines of “Wow, how did this all come to be? How did I come to be part of this?” “Who am I to ask these questions?” As long as we question and don’t become too attached to the answers we have at the moment being the correct one beyond all others, our sense of wonder remains. After all if the universe is indeed too big to understand all at once than any answer we find to explain it will be at best partial. Which means there will always be something new to discover, to explain further and deeper and to wonder and marvel at. Wonder comes when we find that there are places on our reality map that we have yet to explore. Wonder and courage in this sense go hand in hand. For it takes courage to admit that our current explanations are merely approximations and may in fact be mistaken. This quest for Truth may not be for the faint of heart but wow is it ever worthwhile.
Blessings, G


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Fire Cat and SorcererFire Cat and the Sorcerer by G A Rosenberg


Cabana MandalaCabana Mandala by G A Rosenberg