Tarot Post – The Star


XVII-The Star(♒︎)


The Star The Star by G A Rosenberg


Hope from the heavens
Goddess’ bounty awakens
new inspiration


Illuminated by distant stars
her flowing waters restore me
healing my shrouded despair
and removing the waste
of old lies
I can feel inner truth flowing
knowing in new ways
renewed ways
in harmony with her tune
that I was too closed
to hear before
Wordless understanding
Now I can rebuild
my tools recovered
my being regained
my heart reopened.
onto and into Nu.
— G A Rosenberg

When we get hit by the Tower force, it is devastating. Much that we believed was true has turned out to be false and we don’t know what’s left. At our lowest point, we can hear a voice telling us that it’s going to be ok. We still have our essential selves and can rebuild. If we are open to it, we feel a sense of hope and renewal. Even if we have gone through fire, we can make it and come back stronger than ever. It is then that we feel the healing energy of the Star. It is known in many cultures as the idea of grace or hope and was the last thing left in Pandora’s box after she let loose the evils of mankind.
The Star inspires us when we are at our lowest. It puts us back in tune with our selves and allows us to feel once more a part of life. It is a feminine energy that liberates us from our despair and shows us that there are still positive and worthwhile things in life and that love is possible. At times we may feel resistant to the Star’s energy but it is always there.

Astrological Correspondence-Aquarius(♒︎)-Aquarius is the energy of social justice and change. It wants to make the world and the people in it better. Symbolized by the water bearer Aquarius wishes to pour its healing waters onto the earth, starting new discussions and finding new paradigms. Aquarius is very interested in group dynamics, realizing that while one person can make a difference, it takes a concerted effort to effect change.
The Aquarian energy may also be a stubborn one with little patience for opposing viewpoints and methods. It also becomes bored with anything that is routine or that has been done before. Aquarius would much rather innovate better methods to solve problems. Aquarius is unsell-conscious in its approaches to just about anything and wants nothing more than freedom of self-expression. This self-expression can be anything from physical nudity to visionary art to inventing new devices that will enable mankind in new ways.
Aquarius’s somewhat aloof manner may be off-putting to some but this comes from living mainly within its own very active head ever looking to strengthen the flow of new ideas and new intuitions.


Runic Correspondence-Lagaz(‘water’)laguzLaguz means water or ocean and talks about the aftermath of a test or initiation. Through the test, we have been opened up to the waters of our subconscious and now there is a period of healing connection with the root of our being. We are cleansed and renewed by this force. We are attuned with the deeper waters of our being and able to be part of the flow that lies beneath all beings. Other runes associated with The Star are Isa, Ehwaz and Wunjo.


Path on the Tree of Life-Path 15-Heh-Heh translates as window. Where a door is used to enter and exit, a window is used to experience with our senses and to transmit, communicate, receive things. Heh in the tetragrammaton represents the feminine aspect of the universe, that liquid force which receives us and nourishes us in our need. It connects the sephiroth of Chokmah (Wisdom) and Tiphareth (Beauty)on the tree and is called variously the Stabilizing Consciousness (that which steadies us after a collapse) and the Constituting Intelligence.


When the Star turns up in a reading, it normally indicates a time of healing and renewal on all levels. It is often that this healing comes after a period of extreme turmoil as in the kind suggested by the Tower card. The Star is a card that signifies the grace of the universe and is a time when intuition is flowing and things look somehow better and brighter than they did before. The card can often signify a transformative time and a time of reinvention of oneself. The Star is often telling the querent to be open to the energies coming in and to the personal changes that one is making. It is all too easy to resist making the changes necessary but it will never be easier. It may also be telling the querent that they need to go back to basics or where they were before the previous upheavals happened in their lives. Take what they have and as long as they have their own being, they have quite a lot and build from there. The Star may also be telling the querent that they can turn things around before disaster strikes if they are willing to drop back and accept the needed lesson beforehand.


Inversed the healing energy of the Star is still present. The querent tho is blocking it for some reason. Possibly in their minds, they feel unworthy to receive this grace after because of their actions in the previous period. Perhaps they are so filled with bitterness and anger that they are not allowing the healing to happen. If anyone deserves another chance in their lives than everyone does and the healing of the goddess (or the universe if you will) is open to all. It may be that the querent fears beginning again, particularly in the aspect of opening themselves up to the possibility of new failure. The reversed Star may mean that the past with all of its disappointments has become more of a focus than the possibility of building a new future.


Tarot Post – King of Cups


King of Cups (Fire of Water)


KIng of Cups (N)King of Cups (Reimagined by G A Rosenberg)


Father of Wisdom
let me drink from your deep cup
and so, gain insight

The Cup King’s Lament

Another person helped.
They all speak to me
tell me their secrets
who they are
in their secret  hearts
They ask me ‘how?’
They ask me ‘why?’
and they ask me
‘what should I do?’
Most often when they talk
they tell me what they need to hear
I repeat it to them
and they leave
calling me wise
calling me understanding
calling me knowing
yet where are the words
I tell myself?
I listen and I understand
but I can’t act
tho the need for action compels me.
I consider and I feel
sometimes I even know
or understand
but what are the words
that will move me?
— G A Rosenberg


The suite of Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions.Kings are the leaders, the shakers, the initiatory force or person that get things moving. The King of Cups is thus active in receptivity. He listens with patience and tolerance and is known for his wise council. He moves with grace and lives up to the Bruce Lee adage “Be Like Water”. He flows this way and that and finds many things he enjoys but few either deep or lasting. He is calm, honest and understanding and often is a healer or therapist. He also tends to be very self-contained. So contained in fact that tho he may feel the need to take action, he often finds it difficult to do so preferring his internal life. He may dream of a life of action but lives it vicariously through the help he gives to others.


Astrological Correspondence: 21° Aquarius – 20° Pisces Elemental: Fire of Water – This combination of Aquarian and Piscean traits tends to be romantic and visionary tho may find things of a practical nature to be more of a challenge. They would have amazing insight tho be rather difficult to move when they do take a stance. There may be a tendency towards escapism with this combination as well, either in chemicals or alcohol or in the drugs of romance and sex. Because there is an aspect of their nature that is both attracting and attracted, they may find themselves often in romantic understandings. Still they have an intuitive knack for finding their way through difficult conversations with others.


I Ching Correspondence – 54) Kwei Mei – The Marrying Maiden

___ ___
___ ___
___ ___


The trigram for Thunder is over that of the Lake . The Lake is still, open to the stirrings of the Wind and the Thunder and yet mindful of how it is influenced by them. There is a need to balance the external force and fury with internal calm and forbearance and be fluid enough to bear whatever may be encountered while having his essential self unmoved by it. There is an intuitive grasp of relationships both internal and external and a realization how they may be affected by external forces.


When the King of Cups turns up in a reading, it may be speaking of someone who is looking to you for advice and objective council. It may also refer to someone who can advise you and who may be able to influence your situation for the better. The King of Cups may also refer to a time when you find yourself frustrated because you desire to take action but either cannot decide what action to take (especially in a romantic situation) or cannot bring yourself to do so. The card may also refer to a time when things are very romantically fluid for you.


The King of Cups reversed in a reading may be referring to someone in your environment who is unreliable and untrustworthy or very manipulative. While they may be quite charming they may also be quite moody. The card may also be speaking to someone who is being unfaithful or a time when we may have been unfaithful in our relationships. The reversed King of Cups may also involve a time in our lives when we or someone close to us are letting our emotions control rather than having any kind of equanimity.


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Tarot Card of the Day – November 25 2010

“But there is suffering in life, and there are defeats. No one can avoid them. But it’s better to lose some of the battles in the struggles for your dreams than to be defeated without ever knowing what you’re fighting for.”

–Paulo Coelho

Five of Swords

Venus in Aquarius

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Five of Swords – Defeat by G A Rosenberg

Tarot Card of the Day – April 15 2010

Six of Swords

Tiphareth in Air
Mercury ☿ in Aquarius   

The Ferryman

Mute, I watch your arrival
You climb onto my boat
unsure as you press this coin into my hand
You may smile or give a small laugh
but that stops when you notice
my eyes and my silence.

We start off
You seem surprised by the number of
rocks and debris in the water
You wonder about safety.
Oh Dear one
I know the way
as only one who has scraped
his bow on every single obstacle can
After awhile you start to know the signs
the childhood baggage, the failed marriages
Every time you denied the spark
in yourself (or in others)
they’re all here
and like I said
I know the way thoroughly

Though each route is different
I have known much the same
the odd twists and turns that obsession
and self-importance can place in one’s path
Intuition guides me through
the straits of old frustration
and intellect tells me
how deep they go.

You leave the boat
relieved of coin and burden
ready to survey your new landscape.
I push off.
You turn back to ask what they all do
but I am gone
Sailing. Home..

Six of Swords from the African Tarot

I Ching Hexagram 61 “Inner Truth” or “Insight”
____ ____
____ ____

Sun-The Gentle Wind Above
Tui-The Joyous Lake Below

Visible effects of the invisible, The truth that lies within. Our “Truth” or our “Reality” as opposed to an objective truth. Not that the two don’t exist as a continuum, If truth exists (and I believe it does) then it is too great and expansive to be encompassed or fully comprehended by any one purpose or creed. Like the story of the six blind men who one day came across an elephant in the marketplace. One placed his hand on the leg and thought the elephant was like a tree, one touched the elephant’s ear and thought the elephant like a fan, one touched the elephant’s trunk and thought a snake, etc…Not one of them could believe that the entire elephant could be outside of their subjective experience..
The lines are closed at both ends yet open in the middle. This show an open heart , free of expectations..
Above gentleness and forbearance to those below,
Below joyous serving of those above…