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Quote of the Day – December 27 2011

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.”

–Khalil Gibran

Beauty, noticing rain beading up on my windowsill, an idea being born, an infant’s smile; meditation, someone who has found some inner truth, tears. the sky at sunset or at sunrise, snow, friends making up after an argument, some arguments themselves, going within, doing something well for the first time, a new idea, the human form, most animals, imperfection, the universe, diversity, colours in combination, your smile, your eyes, any eyes, realize, flowers, the smell of cinnamon, art, writing, making love, holding hands, touching, giving or receiving a massage, hope, appreciation, understanding and the fact that this list can continue infinitely.
Namaste, G

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Observed Rising From The Lotus by G A Rosenberg
Blue Lotus, Red Sky by G A Rosenberg