Artists of Life


“You have to have the guts to engage with your own spiritual journey, which is what life is for. It can be reflected in art, but art won’t take you there on its own. It’s not good enough. You actually have to use your inquiring mind and question yourself and the bullshit of things. You have to avoid getting tied up in intellectual and ironic gameplay, which will not liberate you. We want freedom, we want liberation, and you’re not going to get it in postmodernism. You’re going to get it through authentic engagement.
Postmodernism is always making a joke or a reference to originality. It’s worried about originality, but the only thing that matters is authentic response. Authentic response means you need to be in your heart, in yourself, because then you can respond authentically. You don’t need to try find new ways unnecessary, innovative ways of taking art forward. Everything is already here.”
— Billy Childish


Art serves as a fantastic mirror. For the artist, it can be both self-reflection and self-revelation. What is inside is evoked and made manifest. When we look at art it may also be revelatory and connective as we see ourselves through our senses, our understanding and our emotional connection to the work.
Mirrors are fantastic tho if we spend all our time looking into them we can easily fall prey to narcissism. It takes more than that tho to reach true understanding. It takes a willingness to question what we see and act on whatever answers we may receive and then question some more. It means opening ourselves up in new ways to the world around us and dealing with even those parts of it and ourselves that we may not wish to because it feels yucky. It means being naked emotionally and spiritually in ways that many of us never have before and in that vulnerable exposure lose any fear we may have. Perhaps that is when we become more than just artists of the pen or brush or computer and become true artists of life.
Blessings, G

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Gem's ReflectionGem’s Reflection by G A Rosenberg


Psychedelic Test PatternPsychedelic Test Pattern by G A Rosenberg


Storm WatcherStorm Watcher by G A Rosenberg


Neural NetNeural Net by G A Rosenberg