Quote of the Day – April 27 2011

“Every time we fix something that broken, whether it’s a car engine or a broken heart, that an act of magic. And what makes it magic is that we choose to create or help, just as we can choose to harm.”
― Charles de Lint

There’s so much out there that needs fixing. So much inside of us as well. At the same time, I’ve been noticing something more and more of late. So much of finding our way to health has to do with forgiving ourselves for being hurt in the first place. We forget that we’ve placed those lessons in our path because they were what we most needed to become the people we are. How could we comfort someone who’s life is hurting if we never felt hurt ourselves? How could we relate to lost love, lost chances and lost hope and help others to heal themselves through it if we had no basis to relate? Each of my scars mental or physical throughout this life and all others have been tickets to empathy and compassion so I am grateful for them.
Blessings G

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Watching the Fractal Sunset by G A Rosenberg

Abstract B by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – November 5 2011

“I dont want to live in the kind of world where we dont look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I cant chnage the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit.”
― Charles de Lint

Yep another Charles deLint quote but then one of the reasons I love his stories so much might be because often I can imagine being one of his characters pretty easily. Feeling so much love, connectedness, involvement and concern yet coming from a somewhat damaged past. Learning to take responsibility for my own story. Funny, how often I hear people who blame their parents for the direction their life has taken and the choices they make. If they can’t blame their parents, they blame the government, their boss, their ex anything except look in the mirror. I know that life can be tough. I’ve seen it. Yet if your boss, your government, your ex or your life sucks, change it. If you stay in a situation in which you don’t feel you can be happy, then know why you stay. You must be getting something out of it otherwise you would not remain. We have the freedom. We can create new lives for our selves at any moment. I guess there does remain one problem. You drew that boss, ex, situation to you for a reason, if you haven’t dealt with it you’ll repeat it. You take your life with you. Which I don’t see as a bad thing. Namaste
— G A Rosenberg

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Guardian by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – October 17 2011

“The thing with pretending you’re in a good mood is that sometimes you can. “

       –Charles deLint

a realization of how something might have cut
a small tear in the soul
now with grace, it starts to knit..
The tower falls, the light of day comes
then we get to see what comes next
— G A Rosenberg

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Ragnarok’s Due  by G A Rosenberg

Thoughts About to Crystalize by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – November 9 2009

“You didn’t make art by capturing an image on paper, or canvas, or in stone. You didn’t make it by writing down stories and poems. Music and dance came closest to what real art was–but only so long as you didn’t try to record or film it. Musical notation was only so much dead ink on paper. Choreography was planning, not art.
You could only make art by setting it free. Anything else was just a memory, no matter how you stored it

Zinc “Freewheeling” by Charles DeLint