Jamais Vu


“There’s an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It’s when you meet the same people or visit places, again and again, but each time is the first. Everybody is always a stranger. Nothing is ever familiar.”

—Chuck Palahniuk


I’ve never seen that
look in your eyes
or that colour
Your touch is so new
and so adored
how have I missed that before.
Our bodies explore
each other’s touch
has anything felt so rare?
Your smile, your gasp
music I’ve missed
throughout all my affairs
You are new and different
and to my delight
you seem to feel the same
Each night we meet
for the first time
and for the first time we share
after fifty years of marriage
each other’s premiere.
— G A Rosenberg


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Lightning in a Mirrored MatrixLightning in a Mirrored Matrix by G A Rosenberg


PisceanPiscean by G A Rosenberg


Jamais Vu.


“There’s an opposite to déjà vu. They call it jamais vu. It’s when you meet the same people or visit places, again and again, but each time is the first. Everybody is always a stranger. Nothing is ever familiar.”
— Chuck Palahniuk


The landscape is changing
from moment to moment
things getting strange
and rather peculiar
is nothing familiar?
well close to that’s not it
everyday things
seem a bit exotic
with faces so strange
calling me family
they seem nice enough
tho haven’t gotten to know them
I see them as new
much as the scenery
never been here before
but maybe been close.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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She Moves Through DreamsShe Moves Through Dreams by G A Rosenberg


Chaos Sweeps ThroughChaos Flows Through by G A Rosenberg


Casting Shadows


“Maybe the only thing each of us can see is our own shadow.

Carl Jung called this his shadow work. He said we never see others. Instead we see only aspects of ourselves that fall over them. Shadows. Projections. Our associations.

The same way old painters would sit in a tiny dark room and trace the image of what stood outside a tiny window, in the bright sunlight.

The camera obscura.

Not the exact image, but everything reversed or upside down.”
― Chuck Palahniuk


To see ourselves as others see us? How about to see ourselves as we are and to see others as they truly are with the shadows stripped away? What would it be like to be so clear in ourselves that we can look at another in full joy and awareness of them rather than as the distorted reflection of things we need to work out in ourselves? That self-clarity is what I work towards every day and what I try to invoke in myself for what is ritual for but developing self-knowledge of each aspect of our existence so that we can work it out without having to use another person as a guinea pig? My big push in this next year will be to gain as much of that clarity as I can both with myself and others and to cast the most minimal shade possible.
Blessings, G


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At Peace Among Strange OmensAt Peace Among Strange Omens by G A Rosenberg


Shared VisionShared Vision by G A Rosenberg


Unraveling the Fractal Patterns


“What we call chaos is just patterns we haven’t recognized. What we call random is just patterns we can’t decipher.”
― Chuck Palahniuk


The other day a friend of mine was talking about divination and how he was responsible for his future. I surprised him by agreeing. I do believe that the most that any form of divination be it tarot, astrology, i ching or oxen entrails can and will show us is the most likely thing to happen. We all tend to follow patterns that play out in all aspects of our lives. If you know someone’s patterns and at what point they are in them, it is very easy to see both what will probably happen next and what it would take to break the pattern. I have found that the tarot cards help me to intuit a person’s pattern and how it is playing out for them fairly easily. Depending on the spread and how well I am tuned into the reading, I can also see what is needed to break the pattern. This normally takes a strong effort of will and a lot of work as most of us develop our patterns at a very early age. I have worked hard at discovering and understanding my own patterns. While I have come a long way, I still have far to go at breaking some of the more destructive ones.
Blessings, G


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Expansion ZoneExpansion Zone by G A Rosenberg


A Separate ExpansionA Separate Expansion by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – October 5 2012

““It’s so hard to forget pain, but it’s even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.”
― Chuck Palahniuk”


It seems part of existence. If we’re fortunate we learn from our pain and from the lessons and road blocks we put in our path. Of course we put the easy kind gentle stuff in our path as well. According to Don Juan Matus as described by Carlos Castaneda, a warrior sees neither blessings nor curse but sees everything as a challenge. Perhaps warriors learn from it all. After all, our happiness brings lessons and challenges as well, It gives us perspective, endurance and perhaps makes the painful parts that much easier…
Blessings, G

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Sixties Sun by G A Rosenberg


Faded Rose by G A Rosenberg<